The Benefits of Lavender |

The Benefits of Lavender

There are so many reasons to love Lavender that it is difficult to select only a few. This beautiful looking flower with an incredible scent is a wonderful and beneficial ingredient that is used the world over in a vast array of health, beauty and medicinal products. Characterised by its striking purple flower, the benefits of Lavender can be enjoyed by anyone at any age making this an essential ingredient in countless skin and hair care products. In fact, its name originally derives from the Latin word ‘Lavare’ which means ‘to wash’, making it perfect for the body and hair.

The benefits of LavenderWhile the list of wonderful benefits of Lavender is endless, there are a few important properties of this wonderful plant which stand out:

A natural anti-bacterial

With natural anti-bacterial properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties, Lavender is ideal for use for all skin types. Often cited as a beneficial oil in the treatment of acne, Lavender may help combat bacteria on the skin that causes blemishes. It may also improve skin well being, as it has been known to increase cell regeneration and may add that special glow to skin. This ability to speed up the healing process and inflammation also may make it ideal for burns, scalds, sunburn as well as other skin conditions where the skin may be irritated and may help prevent scarring.

In addition to Lavender’s anti-bacterial and soothing qualities, Lavender may well be very effective for dry skin and is a useful ingredient in skincare products.

Lavender’s anti-bacterial properties are not however, only good for the skin, it makes it a very useful ingredient for cleaning the home too, plus it will also leave a wonderful smell.

Calming and soothing scent

One of the greatest benefits of Lavender stems from its calming and soothing aroma. Its relaxing scent makes it an ideal ingredient for helping to reduce stress, tension, depression, anxiety and headaches while its sedative properties also help induce sleep. However, this valuable plant not only acts as a calming tonic for the body, but its refreshing scent may rejuvenate at the same time, stimulating mental activity to give the body a boost, whilst calming the nervous system.

Naturally good for haircare

While its beautiful aroma is one that that we love to use on ourselves, Lavender may also be effective against hair problems such as lice and nits, therefore lending itself to being a perfect ingredient for Shampoos and Conditioners, especially for children. Furthermore, rubbing one drop of Lavender oil directly onto hands and then massaging it into the scalp may help fight against hair loss, (as does Rosemary) while it may also regulate sebum production in skin and scalp to control excess oil production. Finally, possibly the best thing about Lavender and haircare is that it is gentle enough for regular use in cleansing hair, so everyone can enjoy the benefits.

A Useful Insect repellent

Lavender may be particularly effective as a natural insect repellent. While the aroma is calming and soothing for us, it can be potent for annoying bugs such as moths, mosquitoes and midges and so can be effective at preventing bites when one drop of Lavender oil is applied to hands and then massaged on to the skin, smoothing it as far as one can on skin. Similarly, just as its anti-inflammatory properties may be beneficial for cuts and sunburn, it may reduce inflammation and any irritation associated with an insect bite to the skin.

Always consult a trained Aromatherapist before using any essential oil, especially directly onto the skin.

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