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Eco Cleaning Swaps

15, April 2024

Eco Cleaning Swaps

On sunny spring days, bright sunshine pours through windows into our homes. It’s an uplifting sight, but there’s a downside: those rays often cast a spotlight on dust and dirt. This might be Nature’s way of telling us it’s time for a spring clean, but cleaning products can be harsh on the planet – and us. Enter our guide to eco-friendly cleaning swaps, to help you give your home a more sustainable spring spruce-up.  

What Are Some Natural Cleaning Hacks?

The list of natural alternatives to chemical cleaning products is seemingly endless, but we’re sharing some of our favourites below. Not every solution is suitable for every surface, so always try a new cleaning method in a small, inconspicuous area before getting started.

Swap Wood Polish for Coconut Oil

We love coconut oil! We put organic coconut oil into a lot of our products, including our hand & body lotions and, of course, our much-loved Coconut range. But beyond being a hair hero and a skin saviour (not to mention a versatile cooking ingredient), coconut oil is an unlikely allrounder in the home cleaning stakes.

Use coconut oil to polish solid wood furniture. Make sure the surface is clean and free of dust, then add about half a teaspoon of coconut oil to a cotton rag (old t-shirts cut into strips make excellent waste-free rags). Work the oil into the wood with the rag, following the direction of the grain. Wait 20 minutes, then use a clean rag to wipe away any excess oil, before buffing in small, circular motions.

Swap Bathroom Cleaner and Air Freshener for Bicarbonate of Soda

One of the most well-loved (and cheap) natural cleaning solutions is baking soda. Also known as bicarbonate of soda, this powerful powder is naturally abrasive and renowned for leaving baths, sinks and stainless steel taps sparkling. But it’s also loved for its ability to help eliminate unpleasant odours.

Leave a small pot of baking soda inside your fridge or shake the powder into the bottom of a kitchen bin to help keep strong smells at bay. You can even use baking soda to freshen up a dog or cat bed: just sprinkle it on the surface, wait 15 minutes and vacuum away. Voila! That clean sheets feeling, for your pet.

Swap De-Greasers for Citrus Fruits

Swap De-Greasers for Citrus Fruits

There’s nothing like fresh citrus aromas (it’s why we put lemon oil in our washing up liquid). But aside from their zesty scent, the citric acid in these fruits can be a highly effective cleaning aid. Lemons are often used in cleaning hacks, but grapefruits can be just as effective.

Get rid of lingering grease on pots and pans with the aid of salt and grapefruit. Simply sprinkle salt on the stain, squeeze some grapefruit juice on top and wait around 15 minutes. Wipe the grapefruit and salt away and the grease should come with it.

Swap Surface Cleaners for White Vinegar

White vinegar is an essential in any eco cleaning kit. Like citrus fruits, its acidity makes it highly effective at removing grease and grime from a whole host of surfaces, including windows, mirrors, tiles, grouting and fridges. Just mix it with water (equal parts water and vinegar), add to a spray bottle and use with a rag or (compostable, plastic-free) sponge.

As well as being useful inside the home, white vinegar can do wonders in gardens and yards – good news if you’re getting yours ready for summer! Plastic garden furniture and patio paving can be cleaned with equal parts water and white vinegar and a stiff brush – just don’t leave the solution on a surface for longer than 30 minutes as it is corrosive.

Eco-Friendly Laundry Liquid

Eco-Friendly Laundry Liquid

No spring clean would be complete without doing the laundry. And if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, hanging out your washing is the perfect excuse to spend a few moments there, noticing birdsong and budding plants. Laundry days are kinder to the planet with our super concentrated Aloe & Rosemary Laundry Liquid. It cleans gently but effectively, even on an earth-friendlier cool cycle – and has a delicate, herbal aroma. Plus, one 5-litre bottle covers approximately 150 washes, making it brilliant value for money AND saving on plastic and trips to the shop.

Eco-Friendly Washing Up Liquid

Eco-Friendly Washing Up Liquid

Washing up liquid is a real multi-tasker. Beyond the obvious dish-cleaning duties, it can be used for stain removal, degreasing, or any situation that calls for good old warm, soapy water. Our super concentrated Lemon Washing Up Liquid is made with lemon essential oil, for a burst of strolling-in-a-citrus-grove aroma that makes even the most thankless tasks a little bit sunnier. And one 5-litre refill bottle covers approximately 350 washes! That’s a lot of gleaming dishes – and a lot less plastic waste in the world.