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Faith In Nature refill bottle plant pot

18, May 2022


As a business, we like to create as little waste as possible, so we put a lot of brain power into plastic-saving, waste-reducing alternatives – like refill bottles and zero-waste bars. Since you’re reading this, we’re going to assume you’re already on the same sustainable page as us. But what if we told you there’s more to be done? From reusing old egg cartons to repurposing used coffee grounds, here are some clever ways to rethink waste.
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Indie Spotlight: Canine Groom School (and why they love Faith In Nature)

9, May 2022

Indie Spotlight: Canine Groom School (and why they love Faith In Nature)

To celebrate Faith In Nature’s exclusive partnership with Canine Groom School, we caught up with owners Poppy and Steve to find out how they got from dream to reality, and how their lovely Lancashire business continues to grow.
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Summer dog grooming | Faith In Nature

4, May 2022

Summer Grooming For Your Dog

With spring in the air and summer around the corner, our fluffy friends are busy shedding their winter layers for the warmer months ahead. Us humans should help them out. Since the new season comes with new challenges when it comes to grooming, here are some simple tips to give your dogs the TLC they need. 
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Antioxidants, What Actually Are They?

3, May 2022

Antioxidants, What Actually Are They?

How much do you know about antioxidants? We’re guessing you’ve heard they’re good for you - and you’d be right about that - but do you know how or why? 
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