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Notes on Nature

Faith In Nature's new Nature guardian

22, February 2024

“Who speaks for Nature?”, introducing our new Nature guardian and why we can all be lichen!

If Nature’s guardians are lawyers, Nature on the Board has a very legal skew. But if Nature’s guardians are poets, Nature on the Board becomes more poetic. The reality is that different companies will likely need a different ‘flavour’ of Nature on the Board depending on how far along they are in the process. And so perhaps the question is not ‘Who speaks for Nature?’ but ‘Who needs to speak for Nature now?’
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5 Garden Bulbs to Plant in February

15, February 2024

5 Garden Bulbs to Plant in February

Autumn is the probably the most well-known time to plant bulbs ready for spring, but planting certain bulbs in February can give you spectacular flowers in summer. Tuck these bulbs into the earth now for beautiful blooms and an abundance of important pollinators this summer.
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How to Care for Your Faith In Nature X Rainkiss Poncho

7, February 2024

How to Care for Your Faith In Nature X Rainkiss Poncho

So, you’re the proud owner of a Faith In Nature X Rainkiss Poncho – congratulations! Your new, sustainable rainwear is designed to keep you dry for many rainy days to come. To keep it doing its job and looking its best, you’ll need to take good care of it. Here’s how to do just that…
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How to Feed the Birds

7, February 2024

Feeding the Birds

We love birds. And looking after these crucial members of our ecosystem is rewarding not just for them but for yourself.  Whether you’ve got a sprawling garden or live in a flat with no outdoor space, you can feed the birds. Here’s how.
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