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Faith In Nature at 50

16, April 2024

Faith In Nature at 50

It’s strange turning 50 when it feels like we’re only just getting started. (But maybe that’s what turning any age feels like?)

We’ve been doing what we do since Rivka pawned her jewellery to start Faith In Nature from her kitchen sink back in 1974. She did it then because she believed the best natural products — and Nature, in general — should be accessible to everyone. And we believe exactly the same today.

So in some ways, everything’s changed. In others, nothing has changed at all. We’re still trying to do today what we always set out to do: make it easier for people to make better choices for themselves and the planet every day. Or, as Rivka puts it, “There’s no point being in business if you’re not helping people”.

Being natural, vegan and cruelty-free are the absolute basics of everything we do. And while those values are now becoming absolute basics for a growing number of people, they weren’t always. That’s why it really matters to us that we keep pushing, that we keep reimagining, always with that same goal in mind. Because what seems crazy today will hopefully seem normal one day.

We pioneered plastic-saving refills and penny-saving bulk in the 80s. We led the switch to 100% recycled bottles in the 90s. And more recently we became the first company in the world to put Nature on our board, incorporating the Rights of Nature into our reason for being and reimagining the way the world does business.

But it is sobering to recognise that while Faith In Nature emerged from a growing environmental consciousness in the 70s — the first Earth Day was in 1970 — biodiversity has collapsed by nearly 70% in that same time.

2024 feels like another turning point. It marks the beginning of our next 50 years and, much like 1974, we can’t pretend that we don’t know what we’re up against — even if the task is so much harder today than ever before.

Still, there’s a reason we’re called Faith In Nature. It’s meant as a reminder to everyone who sees those words first thing in the morning to last thing at night. Nature really does hold the answers. Nature really does know what’s best. And we are not separate from that. We all are Nature, and we are all a part of the solution.

We can’t (and won’t) stop doing what we’ve always tried to do. As the threats to Nature increase, so too must our creativity, our resourcefulness and our commitment to our values. Likewise, our belief that that we can still do all that with a sense of optimism, hope and fun.

Look around. Just because the challenges we face are immense, Spring continues to blossom with all the colour and vibrancy that it ever has. We have faith in the next 50 years because we plant those seeds of hope today.

Thanks for your support, and for spreading the word.

Forever, with Faith In Nature.