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How To Keep Your Hair Happy This Summer

10, August 2022

How To Keep Your Hair Happy This Summer

Seawater, chlorine, humidity and UV rays – our hair has a lot to contend with when summer sets in. But fun in the sun doesn’t need to suffer. Keep damage off the itinerary and frizz out of the forecast in a few simple steps. Say hello to shiny happy hair all summer long.


When temperatures rise, dehydration tends to kill the vibe. As for those refreshing dips in the pool and sea? They can leave our locks parched and prone to damage too. We know – not fair. It follows that maxing up the moisture should be priority no.1 in any summer hair routine. Look for SLS-free shampoos and conditioners that contain naturally-derived nourishers - such as organic coconut oil - to give your hair the best chance of recovery. And remember to rinse as soon as possible post-swim.


Stay on top of split ends with regular trims during the summer months. Not only can split ends leave hair looking dull and tired, the longer you ignore them, the more they split and damage the rest of your strands. Chop chop!


Finishing up your hair wash with a cold blast can do more than cool you down. Cold water is known to close the hair cuticle – one of the main factors in combating frizz-prone locks. It could even improve circulation in the scalp (more on looking after your scalp here), all while closing pores and preventing dirt and grease getting in. The result? Hair that feels fresher, longer.


Tempted to tie up your hair when wet? Stop there. Hair is more prone to breakage when it’s damp, so let it dry before you put it in those ponytails or braids. It’s the same story with brushing – but if you must detangle, opt for a wide toothed comb (and be gentle). Final styling tip: try to minimise heat styling if you can. Extreme temperatures will only exacerbate dehydration and cause further damage to your sun-kissed strands. Instead, embrace air drying, or carefully pat dry with a towel or t-shirt.


Often forgotten when it comes to sun protection, our hair and scalp can be vulnerable to UV rays too. Consider a hair sunscreen for days spent exploring, or opt for a sun hat or bandana to keep your scalp in the shade. If you’ve already overdone it, aloe vera is known for its natural soothing and healing properties – try our Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner for a cooling cleanse.


Even with all of the above, during the summer months your hair might need some extra TLC. That’s where hair masks step in. Work a weekly deep condition into your routine to rescue dull, sun damaged strands. Our naturally-derived hair masks are blended with ethically traded shea butter, organic coconut oil and 100% natural fragrance to deliver deep conditioning from root to tip. Choose from restoring Rose & Chamomile, nourishing Shea & Argan, hydrating Coconut & Shea, or revitalising Dragonfruit. 


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