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Let's Look After Your Scalp

24, January 2022

Let's Look After Your Scalp

How well do you know your scalp? We pay so much attention to our skin and hair, but usually overlook what’s right on top of our heads. We think the scalp deserves a little more love. 

Let’s put it this way: the scalp is like a sponge. A very delicate sponge. A sensitive sponge. One that absorbs everything - good and bad - that you put on it. It’s also like a mini ecosystem, a microbiome, where a balancing act of bacteria and fungi is keeping everything in check. A happy microbiome means healthy skin. Healthy skin means happy hair follicles. Happy hair follicles means healthy hair. Simple really. 

But if scalp care is so important to the overall health of our hair, why do we ignore it? 

If you’ve never had a dry, flaky, greasy or itchy scalp, you’re probably one of the lucky few. Issues like these are really really common. Normally they’re down to things we can’t control, like the seasons, or stress. But switching up our hair care is an important first step in tackling the problem. A build-up of hair products will cause congestion deep down in the follicles themselves. Chemical ingredients and residue can disrupt the natural pH of your scalp, and things like parabens, silicones and unnatural sulphates are plain bad news for the microbiome. 

As always, Nature has the answer.

Simplifying your hair care routine and turning to non-toxic natural ingredients is one of the best things you can do for your scalp. Gentle, moisture-rich ingredients like aloe vera, shea and argan can help soothe irritation, while apple cider vinegar and tea tree are often used as natural dandruff remedies. Our products are always free of parabens, silicones and SLS, so you (and your scalp) can enjoy the goodness of nature, with none of the nasties. 

Top tip: next time you shower with our natural shampoo, give yourself a head massage. Using the tips of your fingers, simply apply pressure in circular motions from front to back, then reverse the direction. You’d be amazed by the amount of tension we keep up there in those scalps of ours. Taking a moment to relax can improve circulation, allow our soothing ingredients to soak in, and let your natural oils do their thing.