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18, May 2022

10 Ways To Reuse Around The House

We live in a world of waste. And when we think ‘what would Nature say?’, we reckon it would tell us what we already know: waste is anything but natural. Think about it – out there, in every part of Nature, everything is reused. When something goes rotten - like a mouldy fruit - it becomes compost for new life to ripen. As a business, we like to create as little waste as possible, so we put a lot of brain power into plastic-saving, waste-reducing alternatives – like refill bottles and zero-waste bars. Since you’re reading this, we’re going to assume you’re already on the same sustainable page as us. But what if we told you there’s more to be done? From reusing old egg cartons to repurposing used coffee grounds, here are some clever ways to rethink waste.

1. Make your own watering can

Got an empty Faith In Nature refill bottle hanging around? Give it a good rinse, punch some holes in the cap and one at the top of the handle, then fill it up with water and watch your garden grow. You can do this with any bottle that has a handle – a pint-sized milk bottle is great for little gardeners out there!

2. Get organised with egg cartons

Yep, even empty egg cartons deserve a second chance. Add some colour with a splash of paint, then slot in your drawer as a handy organiser for pens, picture hooks, safety pins (and any other nick-nacks you have lying around).

3. Make a homemade coffee scrub

Get even more out of your morning brew. Once you’ve had your caffeine fix, set the used coffee grounds aside, blend with melted coconut oil and some sugar to create a naturally exfoliating face and body scrub (that smells incredible). For extra eco points reuse your coffee filters up to four times before you throw them away.

4. Reuse old bedding

Skip the recycling centre and consider all the ways you could reuse worn-out bedding, blankets and towels around the house. For example, rather than buying synthetic cleaning cloths, grab a pair of scissors and turn old sheets into rags. Tear up old towels into strips, tie them into knots or braids and you’ve got a (washable) new toy for your dog. Once you’ve reused all you can, any fabrics that are 100% natural can even be cut up and composted.

5. Grow an avocado tree

You could say this is where Faith In Nature all began – it’s how our founder, Rivka Rose, connected to nature when she lived in New York in the 70s. It might sound tricky, but trust us, growing an avocado tree is easier than you think.

Simply wash and dry your avocado stone, fill a jar with water (leaving a little room at the top), then pierce the stone with four toothpicks and place it in the rim of the jar so that the broad end is covered by around an inch of water. Place your jar in a warm, sunny spot, out of direct sunlight and replenish the water as needed. In two to six weeks you should see sprouts and a stem emerge. Once the stem gets to six inches, trim it by half. Then, once new leaves come back and the roots are sturdy, you can plant your tree in a pot, leaving the top of the stone exposed. Find out more about caring for your new avocado tree here.

6. Upcycle old glass bottles into reed diffusers

A few simple supplies are all you’ll need to give empty glass bottles a new lease of life – old beer bottles or perfume bottles work perfectly here. Just blend your favourite essential oils with a base like sweet almond oil, then pop in a handful of diffuser sticks or bamboo skewers and let the beautiful fragrances do their thing.

7. Make your own plant pot

Plants need repotting? This one’s for you. Once you (eventually) finish one of our eco refill bottles, craft your own colourful plant pot. Draw a ring around the bottle - just above the label works well - then simply cut along the line and you’ve got your pot. If your plants need drainage, this is when you can use your scissors to punch a few holes in the base. For the artistic among us, grab some paints and customise your creations – or just let our lovely labels brighten your space.

8. Use magazines as wrapping paper

Put a unique (and sustainable) twist on thoughtful gifts by swapping wrapping paper for old magazine pages. This one doesn’t need much instruction, but with the simple addition of some colourful ribbons or hand drawn designs, your DIY gift wrap will beat anything store-bought.

9. Make a tote bag from old jeans

When was the last time you wore that pair of jeans? Declutter your wardrobe, dust off your old denim and bag yourself a handmade tote, and don’t worry – even beginner stitchers can make one of these. Learn how here.

10. Refill empty jars

Skip the single-use plastic of your supermarket shop by taking empty jars to your local zero-waste store. If you’re new to this, start on dry goods like rice, pasta and lentils, before extending your refill repertoire and filling your shelves. Repeat after us: no jar gets left behind.

Got other ways to reuse around the house? Or maybe you’ve tried one of these for yourself? Let us know! Tag us on Instagram using #FaithInNature and #WhatWouldNatureSay

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