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Essential Oils For Your Everyday

18, March 2022

Essential Oils For Your Everyday

Nature is for everyone. Everyday. Come rain or shine, we embrace it in the great outdoors, but there’s a place for it in the humble indoors too – and we’re not talking about houseplants. Essential oils are an amazing way to connect with the beauty of nature in the place we call home.

A trained aromatherapist, our founder Rivka Rose has been using essential oils in her formulations since the very beginning. She understood that there were powerful benefits to be had in every little drop; not only for our skin and hair, but for our senses too. So it follows that essential oils have been, well, essential to us ever since. Beyond our 100% naturally fragranced products (which we hope you love), there are other easy ways to enjoy essential oils in your everyday – these are four of our favourites.

Use An Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers blend oils with water, releasing them as heaven-scented mists that transform your space and magnify your mood. Blend lavender essential oil with vetiver for your bedtime wind-down, up the energy with fragrant cardamom and lemongrass, or purify the air with cleansing lemon and tea tree. Remember, as pretty as they smell, essential oils are particularly potent. As a rule of thumb, dilute three drops of oil per 100ml of water.

Evaporate Essential Oils

No diffuser? No problem. There’s an even simpler way to enjoy essential oils. Just add a few drops to some balls of cotton wool, leave them in a bowl or place them around the room. As the oils evaporate, their soothing scents will fill the air. You can even pop your scented cotton in the wardrobe or your chest of drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh. For pet parents out there, some essential oils can be harmful to our furry friends – they have very sensitive noses after all. So always do your research and use them carefully.

Add Essential Oils To Your Bath

Elevate your evening bath with the addition of your favourite oils. The warm water will help your skin absorb their goodness while you inhale their therapeutic aromas. For best results, add the oils once your bath has run, this ensures they don’t evaporate too quickly. And remember, gently does it – essential oils are strong. Start off small with just a few drops to avoid irritating sensitive skin. Alternatively, our gently cleansing vegan body washes contain 100% natural fragrance and essential oils, and happily double up as bath foam.

Massage With Essential Oils

Calm your body and mind, and enjoy the topical benefits of essential oils with an at-home aromatherapy massage. Before you start, avoid irritating your skin by making sure any oils you use are properly diluted in a carrier oil – like almond or olive oil. Where to start? Chamomile oil is a dream on dry skin, while rosemary oil is thought to be an effective anti-inflammatory. Neroli, lavender and geranium oils are also lovely to use topically.