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How to set-up a refill station at home

20, December 2021

How to set-up a refill station at home

We’ve been making bigger bottles for decades, so we’re thrilled that so many of you have joined our refill revolution. It’s simple – refill means less landfill. And setting up your at-home refill station couldn’t be easier.  

First, decide where to set-up your station. If you’re bulk buying household products, a shelf in the laundry room does the trick. Switching to refillable shampoo and conditioner? You could choose a spot under the bathroom sink. Short on space? Hall cupboards and window sills can do the job too. In fact, that’s the great thing about it – you don’t need any fancy fittings or fixtures to get started, just a handy little place for your refills to call home. 

Where you set-up could also depend on how you’re using your bigger bottles. Are you topping up your empties as and when you need? Or using the product straight from the source? Whatever your routine, you can save on spillage with our specially designed pump dispensers, made to size for our 5L or 20L bottles.

When we look at the numbers, the maths makes sense. A 5L bottle holds the equivalent of 12.5 smaller ones, while our whopping 20L bottle holds 50. Think of the time, money and plastic you could be saving. Eco-friendly and economical – refills are about a slower, more conscious style of living. They’re in it for the long term, just like us. 

Got your refill station all set-up? Maybe you’ve even put together your own DIY storage solution. If so, take a picture and tag us on Instagram, we’d love to see your handy work.

Image credit: @georgieglassphoto