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21, April 2022


We're not trying to make a molehill out of a mountain, but there are plenty of small, easy things we can all do to make a greener difference to the planet. This Earth Day, we thought it was the perfect time to remind you that sustainable swaps - no matter how small they might seem - will always be worthwhile. Here are nine easy ways to be nicer to nature everyday. 

1. Shop locally and seasonally

Ever wondered how many miles your shopping basket has travelled? By choosing locally sourced, seasonal produce you’ll be supporting your community, skipping excessive supermarket packaging, and keeping your carbon footprint in check.

2. Cut out cling film

Nobody likes to be clingy. Say no to single-use plastics and switch to just-as-convenient alternatives, like tupperware – glass, stainless steel and bamboo options being the most sustainable. Got a crafty side? Reduce your kitchen waste by creating your own beeswax wraps – here’s how.

3. Buy in bulk

Get into the habit of buying more, less often. When we buy in bulk we reduce waste, make fewer trips to the shops, and even save pennies. Keep old jars and containers handy to restock your pantry shelves with dry goods like lentils, rice and cereals. You can bulk buy shampoo (and loads of other things) too; our bigger refill bottles are a convenient way to cut down on plastic and help close the loop. This is how to set up your own at-home refill station.

4. Say no to plastic bags

An obvious one, maybe, but if you’re still not in the swing of things when it comes to reusable bags, this is a gentle reminder. Stash your tote bags next to your front door so it’s a no-brainer next time you pop to the shops.

5. Wash on cool

style="font-weight: 400;">Next time you do your laundry, dial it down to a cool, quick cycle. By opting for 30C or below you’ll reduce your energy consumption by more than 40%, stop microfibres going down the drain and keep your clothes looking good for longer. Triple points.

6. Buy second hand

Reusing is just as important as reducing and recycling. And with re-selling apps popping up all the time, it’s easier than ever to combat consumer culture and give second hand treasures a second chance. Repeat after us: shopping vintage is as sustainable as it is stylish.

7. Clean greener

Avoid harsh chemicals in your household products by switching to eco-friendly alternatives. Not only are they nicer for you, they’re nicer for nature too. Whether through the production process, in the packaging they use, or when they end up in our waste water, standard cleaning products can release nasty chemicals into the atmosphere. Thankfully, greener options are out there – like our naturally-derived Lemon Washing Up Liquid, or our Aloe Vera & Rosemary Laundry Liquid. Read more on how to clean your home without dirtying the planet.

8. Switch to zero-waste bars

Clean up your plastic footprint by switching to zero-waste soap, shampoo and conditioner bars – ours are 100% naturally derived, contain no parabens, SLS or silicones, and scrub up just as well as their liquid alternatives.

9. Eat more plants

Putting more plants on your plate and replacing meat with veggie or vegan alternatives is a great way to do the green thing. Global meat production is a huge contributor to the rise in greenhouse gases (like methane) and deforestation in the name of agriculture. So by simply eating less meat and dairy we can help reduce demand and do our bit for the better of the planet. 

Have you got more sustainable swaps up your sleeves? Let us know. Tag us on Instagram using #FaithInNature and #WhatWouldNatureSay

Image credit: Refill Therapy