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The Importance of Spending Time in Nature for your Health and Happiness

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If you’re anything like the Faith in Nature team, you’re probably happy for any excuse to get outdoors and enjoy a good dose of nature. Fresh air, green spaces and the sound of water can lift our spirits, clear our minds and make life seem just that little bit better. Well, a new report has now put a figure on the amount of time needed to fully reap the rewards.

Interviews were held with almost 20,000 people across England. The results surprised even the researchers. People who’d spent at least two hours in nature the previous week were significantly less likely to say they had poor health, and significantly more likely to say they were satisfied with their life. The study also looked at people with long-term health issues and found they too benefited considerably from having access to nature.

Speaking to The Guardian, Dr Mathew White from the University of Exeter Medical School said, “What really amazed us was this was true for just about every group we could think of … getting out in nature seemed to be good for just about everybody. It doesn’t have to be physical exercise – it could be just sitting on a bench.”

It’s certainly easier to spend time in nature if you live in the countryside, but anyone can take advantage of nature’s healing power. The study looked at people in both urban and rural areas – the benefits of spending time in nature were similar for both. The two hours don’t need to be taken in one go – walking through a park on your way to and from work each day may have similar health benefits to spending two hours hiking through a forest at the weekend.

So, do try to make time to enjoy the healing power of nature this week, whether you head out to walk a coastal road, go for a wander through the woods or just enjoy a picnic in your local park. Fancy a new adventure? Check out the Ramblers website to find your nearest recommended walks. You can filter by distance, suitability, facilities and more.

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