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Summer Care For Your Skin & Hair

30, June 2022

Summer Care For Your Skin & Hair

As summer days come back around and nature buzzes in the balmy heat, it’s a given that we’re spending more time adventuring outdoors. Whether in far flung destinations or in the great British countryside, soaking up the sun is great news for mood-boosting vitamin D, but too much of the bright stuff can be hard on our skin and hair – then there’s the sea water, chlorine, dust and sweat to deal with. Keep your hair healthy and your skin glowing all summer long with these hot weather hair and skincare tips.


This one’s a biggy, which is why we put it first. We don’t need to tell you how harmful the sun’s UV rays can be, instead we’ll remind you that wearing (and regularly reapplying) sunscreen, donning hats, and staying in shady spots are all easy things you can do to prevent the damaging, ageing effects of the sun.


You might think moisturising is just for winter hibernation, but hydration is essential in the summer months too. It’s simple: temperatures rise, we lose more water, our skin and hair gets parched. Dehydration and irritation are fun for no one, so it’s important to keep moisture levels topped up. Even oily skin can be a sign of dehydration – producing excess sebum is how it compensates.

From your shower gel to your body lotion, opt for products containing naturally-derived ingredients rich in nourishing fatty acids and antioxidants – think coconut, shea and argan. Aloe vera is especially soothing on sun exposed skin and scalp. And it’s a good idea to replenish and restore dry, damaged hair with a weekly hair mask.


Expectation: effortless beachy waves. Reality: dry, damaged, frizzy hair. Chlorinated pools and salty sea water, we’re looking at you. But summer swimming shouldn’t put an end to good hair days. Since our strands can only hold a certain amount of water, rinsing with fresh water before you dive in can minimise how much it absorbs while you swim. Clever right? Using products that contain naturally-derived oils (like coconut oil and jojoba oil) can give your locks an added layer of protection too. Then, once you’re out of the water, be sure to give your hair a good rinse.


Warmer days mean more sweat, more oil and more congestion. Regular exfoliation will keep your skin at its glowiest – aim for once a week (any more than this can leave skin more sensitive to the sun). Dry body brushing is an amazing natural way to exfoliate and detoxify the skin while boosting blood flow and circulation. You could even go DIY on your summer skincare routine by making your own natural face and body scrubs. Simple ingredients like honey, sugar, olive oil and lemon juice can work wonders.


Repeat after us – non-comedogenic. It means non-pore-clogging, and it’s what you should be looking for in your summer beauty products. Choosing makeup that is as light and breathable as possible will help stop summer breakouts ruining your fun. 


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