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3 Step Curl Care Routine with Abbie Curls

27, June 2022

3 Step Curl Care Routine with Abbie Curls

Curly girls – we’ve got you covered. This month we caught up with natural beauty and curl care extraordinaire @abbiecurls to clue-up on how she works our naturally nourishing Shea & Argan range into her three step wash day routine. 


Before shampooing, I like to ensure my hair is completely saturated in water. If you have thick, low porosity hair like me, then this may take you a little while – it can take me over a minute for all of my hair to be completely soaked! Once completely wet, I reach for the Faith In Nature Shea & Argan Shampoo. I like this shampoo because it has a lightweight, thin consistency yet it gives a lovely rich lather. I make sure to thoroughly massage my scalp and rake the length of my hair to ensure that all product build up is completely removed. It leaves my hair and scalp feeling completely cleansed without feeling dry. My curls were popping even after just using the shampoo!

Faith In Nature Shea & Argan Shampoo


After thoroughly rising out the shampoo, I grab the Faith In Nature Shea & Argan Conditioner. Similarly to the shampoo, this conditioner has a lovely, lightweight consistency which makes it super easy to absorb into my hair. My hair lovesss this stuff! It drinks it right up. I apply the conditioner in sections and then gently detangle that section until the whole of my hair is conditioned and detangled. To make sure my hair soaks up all the goodness from the amazing ingredients, I tie my hair in a small bun and let the conditioner sit whilst I wash my body. Then, before stepping out of the shower, I rinse out the conditioner with cool water and go on to styling.

Faith In Nature Shea & Argan Conditioner


When my hair needs an extra moisture boost, I reach for the Shea & Argan Nourishing Hair Mask instead of the conditioner. This has a slightly thicker, richer consistency. I take the same steps mentioned above; apply in sections, detangle, put in a bun whilst I wash my body, rinse with cool water. The hydration this mask gives is insane! My curls are super defined and bouncy after rinsing which is a great sign of moisture and my hair stays feeling soft and moisturised for days.

Faith In Nature Shea & Argan Nourishing Hair Mask

The ingredients in the Shea & Argan range are 99% naturally derived, SLS, SLES, and silicone free. They’re vegan and cruelty-free. They contain super nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and argan oil which my curly hair absolutely loves! Definitely a staple collection for wash days! 

Faith In Nature Shea & Argan Hair Care

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