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Summer dog grooming | Faith In Nature

4, May 2022

Summer Grooming For Your Dog

Blossoms are out, zoomies are on, and there’s dog hair everywhere. Sound familiar? With spring in the air and summer around the corner, our fluffy friends are busy shedding their winter layers for the warmer months ahead. Us humans should help them out. Since the new season comes with new challenges when it comes to grooming, here are some simple tips to give your dogs the TLC they need. 

1. Brush, brush, brush

As winter turns to spring, your dogs will shed their thick coats in favour of something lighter and cooler. When shedding season starts, regular brushing is a must – it stops their hair becoming tangled and matted. Brushing will also remove dirt (and pesky pollen), prevent irritation and improve the circulation of their skin, keeping them cool and carefree. First, find the right brush for your dog’s coat, then ease them into a daily routine by piling on the praise and rewarding them with plenty of treats. 

2. Bathe regularly 

Washies every few weeks do the trick to keep your floofs feeling fresh. Any more than this and you could strip away their natural oils, leaving their skin itchy and their coats dry. Remember, gently does it, so only use products you know are dog-friendly – like our range of 99% natural origin, pH balanced dog shampoos, formulated with vitamin E for healthy, shiny coats.

3. Protect their paws

Hot summer days mean hot surfaces under foot – which can be unpleasant for our pups and their sensitive paws. Be sure to keep them well conditioned with a crack-preventing paw balm, and avoid any unwanted burns by keeping them away from sun sizzled pavements.

4. Keep nails clipped

At this time of year, outdoor exploring is what they do best. So it’s important to keep your dog’s nails trimmed back to keep painful breakage at bay. Nothing’s getting in the way of walkies.

5. Slap on the sun cream

Us humans know that sunburn is never fun. And it’s the same for dogs. Those with lighter coats and shorter hair are more prone to catching the sun, but long haired dogs can suffer too. If you’re heading out on a hot, sunny summer’s day, protect sensitive areas like noses, ears and bellies. Always remember to use dog-friendly products that are free from zinc oxide.

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