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Walking the dog in nature

2, September 2021

Follow your dog’s nose into nature

As nature lovers, we feel more than a little envious of dog’s noses.

Imagine being able to experience so much more of the natural world, if only our sense of smell were as developed as theirs.

They must spend their lives caught in a dizzying, bacterial swirl of scents. Each one a gateway into another of nature’s dimensions and a library of information on who and how and where and when. No wonder they spend an age sniffing every lamp post, checking their wee mails!

And it’s all nature — whether it appeals to our more ‘refined’ senses or not. To dogs, it seems, it’s all equally fascinating. There’s no ‘good nature’ or ‘bad nature’. It’s all just part of the whole. All of it worth investigating, no matter the weather.

And in many ways, that’s the magic of dogs, isn’t it? The way they remind us how to be humans. That we’re all part of the natural world and that it might do us all some good to roll in the grass sometimes.

So to dogs we say Thank You. For your enthusiasm, your love, your daily reminders of what really matters.

Though we suspect you might not thank us for this next bit…

Because there is a reason we’re talking dogs. And that is we’re howl-at-the-moon excited to announce our range of dog shampoo. 99% natural origin, biodegradable and specially pH balanced just for dogs.

And that’s important — because for such nature loving creatures, it seems only right that they should benefit from the same natural care as our human customers. Especially as dogs have not only one hair in each follicle, but sometimes over twenty.

True, your dogs might prefer their own collected scents than having them washed away with our lavender, coconut or chamomile fragrances. But all the more reason to let them take you straight back out there gathering more, on another dog’s nose adventure.