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8 Ways To Boost Your Circulation, Naturally

7, February 2022

8 Ways To Boost Your Circulation, Naturally

When was the last time you thought about your circulation? Don’t worry, there’s no wrong answer – for most, it’s not everyday chit chat. Nowadays, as we’re all (still) adjusting to our new working from home norm, and the daily commute has become as simple as rolling out of bed, it’s easy to forget about the movement our bodies need. The less we move, the more our circulation suffers. If you’ve got five minutes to spare between zoom calls and emails, these are some reliable ways to keep your circulation cc’d. 

Hydration is key

You’re dehydrated, we can already tell. Before you read any more, take a sip (or two) of water. And if you keep forgetting your H2O, try setting an hourly water alarm. 

Put your feet up

Legs up the wall is a deceptively simple yogic position with big benefits for your muscles, nervous system and circulation. It’s even said to help relieve anxiety and promote a good night’s sleep. Start by lying down close to a wall - either on your bed, sofa or on the floor - and place your legs above you, resting against the wall at (or close enough to) a right angle. Try it for 5-20 minutes a day. 

Take a breather

Ever find yourself forgetting to breathe? Taking a moment to focus on your inhales and exhales can work wonders for your mind and body. We feel more relaxed just thinking about it. Give ‘box breathing’ a go by inhaling, holding, exhaling, holding, each for a count of four. The aim is to balance out your breathing and fill up your lungs with some good old fashioned oxygen. 

Make a stand

Sitting down all day can make anyone feel sluggish. Our circulation isn’t a fan either. If you can, make a point of taking regular breaks to stand up, stretch those legs and get your blood flowing. (Putting the kettle on is always a great excuse.)

Do the twist

Add simple stretches and gentle twists to your daily to-do list. According to The Yoga Institute, “twisting actions stimulate the blood circulation and release tension in the muscles of the abdomen.” Yoga mat at the ready? Give these twists a try. 

Brush up

Dry body brushing is an amazing way to exfoliate and detoxify dry, dull skin. It can even promote lymphatic health and can give our circulation a helping hand. There’s not much to it – start from the soles of the feet and work your way up, brushing with short but firm strokes in an upward motion. 

Apply some pressure

Master the art of self-massage to iron out stiff muscles and encourage blood flow. We say ‘art’, but it really doesn’t need to be fancy. Working-in your body lotion for a little longer with a little more pressure will do the trick. Our vegan and cruelty-free hand and body lotions are just the right consistency for a relaxing massage. And because they’re made with 100% natural fragrance and essential oils, they’re full of calming aromatherapy benefits. Bliss. 

Have a soak

You were hoping we’d say this, weren’t you. Running a warm bath can be a great way to encourage circulation after a long day. We don’t need to tell you how relaxing they are. Instead, we’ll tell you our 99% naturally-derived body washes can be used in the bath too, filling your home with the beautiful fragrance of essential oils. Even more reason to enjoy an extra long soak. 

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