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Let nature soothe your dry winter skin

12, November 2021

Let nature soothe your dry winter skin

Outside, the winter landscape may look sparse, but behind the scenes, nature knows what it’s doing. Look at the cherry tree, it actually needs the winter chill for its buds to burst open come spring. This really is the season for slowing down and preparing to bloom, and for us humans, that means moisturising!

Faith In Nature was born when our founder, Rivka, decided to find a natural way to combat the effects of the harsh Scottish winter on her skin. Staying true to form, we’ve kept on picking out the best plant-powered moisturisers nature has to offer, putting them straight into our products for you lovely lot to enjoy. 

First up is coconut oil. A well-known nourisher for our skin, scalp and hair, we can thank its tropical mix of fatty acids for locking in moisture and softening everything it touches. Find our full range of coconut products here. A good place to start is our Coconut Hand & Body Lotion. 

Shea (we pronounce it ‘shay’, if you’re wondering), is another miracle moisturiser. Our organic, ethically traded shea comes from a type of nut native to West Africa, and its rich oils are your damaged hair’s new best friend. Try our Coconut & Shea Hydrating Hair Mask for extra luscious locks. 

Rosehip oil is such a powerful healer, it’s been used and passed down since ancient times. Rosehips are the fruits of a rose bush, the oil comes from their seeds. Packed with vitamins and omega fatty acids, this natural wonder gives intense hydration, calms inflammation and regenerates the skin. Our Wild Rose Body Wash is our go-to for cleansing dry winter skin. 

Argan oil is yet another all-natural moisturiser we’re fans of. It’s full of vitamin E, which your skin uses to keep a hold of water. It’s also super soothing for dry, irritated skin, and its plentiful antioxidants can help improve scalp health. Our Shea & Argan Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated especially for the driest of hair.