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Rewilding For Everyone

1, February 2022

Rewilding For Everyone

What if the answer to the climate crisis was right in front of us? What if it was as simple as letting nature lead the way? In recent years, rewilding has emerged as one of the most powerful and progressive ways we can take action. From pitching into large scale projects, to bio diversifying our own back gardens, here we look at ways that each and every one of us can get a little wilder. 

You’re probably familiar with rewilding, but in case it’s new to you Rewilding Britain defines it as “the large-scale restoration of ecosystems to the point where nature is allowed to take care of itself.” In the UK, native habitats like peat bogs, moorlands, oak woods and wildflower meadows have been lost to decades of overgrazing, overfarming, urbanisation and pollution. Loss of habitat leads to loss of species – 41% of which have declined since the 1970s. In the face of scary numbers and statistics, rewilding is a way to protect endangered animals, reverse extinction, and slow the effects of climate change. And it really works.

So how does the average person get stuck in?


Excuse us for stating the obvious, but dedicating just a day of your time to the great outdoors can be as rewarding for you as it is for nature. Find a volunteer opportunity in your local area to meet like minded new friends and watch nature flourish. Where to look? The Woodland Trust always needs volunteer group members – you can even sign up to be a dog ambassador (this is not a drill). Browse Rewilding Britain’s network to learn about projects to support up and down the country.

Rewild your garden

Creating your own wilderness means letting nature make the rules, and it’s easier than you think. Say no to pesticides, leave the mess (like fallen leaves) alone, create a compost heap or even plant a native tree or two. Simply choosing plants and flowers that attract bumble bees and pollinators can have a magical effect. But if we could tell you the single best thing to do? Dig a pond. Find out how with the Wildlife Trusts’ helpful guide.

Connect with your community

When it comes to making change, community is everything. Connect with fellow nature-lovers by setting up a Facebook group, or host meetings in your town hall. Once a conversation starts, amazing things can happen. It’s true that rewilding relies on large-scale transformation, but one wild garden can quickly become two, which can some day become an entire village. Planting one tree might feel like a drop in the ocean, but just imagine what collective action can achieve.


Nature has an incredible way of bouncing back, if we let it. Individuals can make a big impact just by choosing where they put their money. More funding means means more progress, sooner. Got change to spare? Donate to Rewilding Britain, or find out how to fundraise for a wilder future. 

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