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1, November 2021

Faith In Nature x TreeSisters

We’re planting a forest and we want you to join us. Actually, we hope to replant many forests. To restore lost ecosystems. To support local communities. And to make giving back to nature as normal as buying your favourite shampoo. Thanks to our friends at TreeSisters - you can plant a tree every time you shop online with us.

We know we’re not the first to do this. In fact, planting trees is a bit of a trend these days, isn’t it? But the thing is, climate action isn’t a competition. We say - the more the merrier! If you’d told us 10 years ago that every company and its dog would be this into trees, well, we’d be delighted. 

This has been on our to-do list for a long time, but far from being a box-ticking exercise, it was important for us to pick the perfect partner. And that’s TreeSisters.

TreeSisters is a social change and reforestation charity growing a global network geared towards restoring tropical rainforests. From Brazil to Borneo, Mozambique to Madagascar, TreeSisters has planted an incredible 20 million trees so far, and they show no signs of slowing down. With the climate in mind, they aim their focus on the areas where most impact can be made. That means hand-picking tree planting projects that are most sustainable, ethical and ecologically beneficial. 

But they’re not just about trees. The clue’s in the name - TreeSisters is a female-led organisation with the goal of supporting the participation of women and their reconnection to nature. Their sisterhood empowers female leadership by providing training, education and community building activities. 

Restoring nature is a collective effort, and we’re optimistic that tree-by-tree, we can all do our bit. So far, with your help, we've planted 10,000 trees. And we think that's pretty amazing. Here's to the next 10,000!

Find out more about TreeSisters here