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Find the Right Dog Shampoo for Your Dog

9, March 2023

Find the Right Dog Shampoo for Your Dog

One of the best things about being a dog owner is getting out on lots of wonderful walks. One of the worst things? Having to clean mud (or worse) off your furry friend when the walk’s over. It’s why we created our range of pH-balanced, vegan dog shampoo. But which is best for your mucky pup? Just like humans, different dogs need different haircare. Here’s our guide to choosing the right dog shampoo for your precious pooch.


Looking for a dog shampoo for itchy skin? Our 99% natural origin, pH-balanced Chamomile Dog Shampoo is made with sensitive canines in mind. Formulated with vitamin E and calming chamomile oil and designed to soothe, it cleanses gently but effectively. And because it’s so gentle, this formula is perfect for puppies, too.


From cockapoos to schnoodles, curly-coated dogs are some of the most popular pets around. But how do you keep canine curls in tip-top condition? Our pH-balanced and 99% natural origin Coconut Dog Shampoo is specially formulated for wavy-haired hounds. Made with vitamin E and organic coconut oil, it delivers natural hydration and makes even the tattiest tangles a doddle to comb through.


If you’re a dedicated follower of the zero waste lifestyle, you might already be a fan of our plastic-free, human shampoo bars and conditioner bars. And our pH-balanced, 100% natural origin Coconut Dog Shampoo Bar lets you keep up your eco-friendly bathroom habits when washing your dog. Just like the liquid version, it’s especially good for the curliest canines, making light work of knotty nightmares.


Some pooches, like our model Millie (above), just can’t get enough of mud. Whether it’s bounding along drenched paths or rolling in fox poo (ew), these dirty dogs find muck irresistible. Which calls for an extra hard-working (but still gentle!) wash. Enter our Lavender Dog Shampoo. It’s pH-balanced and formulated with 99% natural origin ingredients, including vitamin E and lavender essential oil. The delicate scent won’t overwhelm your dog’s powerful sense of smell, but it will shift any unpleasant aromas and dirt. The result? Your mud-loving mutt is as good as new. Until, of course, the next time they encounter a sludgy puddle…

If you want to save on your plastic consumption, all of our liquid dog shampoos come in our 5-litre refill bottles.