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Faith In Nature x Rainkiss

16, August 2023


“Where did you get your amazing waterproof from?” – that was the question on a lot of people’s lips when our team were dishing out free soap at Bluedot and Kendal Calling recently. Both these festivals are held in the north-west of England, a region we know well because we’re based in Manchester. We expected rain and knew it would be the perfect opportunity to test out our brand new Faith In Nature x Rainkiss ponchos and bucket hats. Here’s how it went, and how to get your hands on these wonderful waterproofs for yourself…

When we decided to create a poncho for festival season, we knew it had to be sustainable, as well as precipitation-proof. That’s why we collaborated with Rainkiss, whose excellent ponchos are made from 100% Oeko-tex certified recycled polyester. In fact, each poncho contains at least 20 recycled plastic bottles.

Faith In Nature x Rainkiss

The planet comes first (naturally) but there’s loads more to love about Rainkiss ponchos beyond their eco-credentials. They look good, for a start. Miles better than emergency polythene, ours come emblazoned with placards inspired by the lyrics of our Hey, What Would Nature Say? song, lines like ‘Trust in the Trees’ and ‘Dance in the Showers’.

These messages mean a lot to us because we really care about Nature’s rights. In 2022, we became the first company in the world to appoint Nature to our board of directors, giving it a voice and a vote in everything we do.

The ponchos are cut in an inclusive one-size-fits-all pattern, designed to suit almost every body. We love how light and portable they are: each one weighs just 250g and packs down easily into the built-in storage bag. Just attach the neat pocket on to a bag strap or belt with the little loop and you’re good to go. The storage bag turns inside out and becomes a giant and very useful pocket when you’re wearing the poncho. We discovered that it fits a LOT of bars of soap inside!

Faith In Nature ponchos

 The festivals consisted of a lot of fun and a lot of rain, and really were a true test of these ponchos. We’re pleased to report that they stood up to the Cheshire and Cumbrian showers. Big, adjustable hoods and Velcro cuffs and sizeable hoods with peaks kept us dry. We’ll definitely be wearing them way beyond festival season – and the cyclists among us can’t wait to use the side panel feature so we can wear them on our bikes.

Festival season wouldn’t be festival season without the ubiquitous bucket hat, so we decided to create one to match the ponchos. Covered in the same brilliant print as the poncho, this practical and bold accessory is made of the same recycled, waterproof fabric. It’s perfect to pop on to keep your head dry in drizzle, or just because you want to wear an iconic hat.

Aside from keeping us dry, the best thing about debuting the Faith In Nature x Rainkiss ponchos and bucket hats at the festivals was how much people LOVED them. We got so many compliments! As well as being impressed by our lovely-smelling soaps (who wouldn’t be?), many revellers asked us where they could buy our wonderful wet weather gear. Which brings us to some great news: both ponchos and hats are now live to buy exclusively here on our website. They’re a limited edition and we’re expecting them to be very popular, so order yours today and get ready to Dance in the Showers!

Faith In Nature sustainable poncho