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Are Shampoo Bars Good for Curly Hair?

1, November 2022

Are Shampoo Bars Good for Curly Hair?

If Nature crowned you with a head of curly hair, switching to zero waste haircare might be a daunting prospect. Caring for curls can be a delicate balance, and introducing any new products to your shower routine could change everything. They might be good for the planet, but are shampoo bars good for curly hair?

The Best Shampoo Bars for Curly Hair

Shampoo and conditioner bars absolutely do work on curly hair – the key is to find the right one. You’ve probably heard of the Curly Girl Method, a regime that shuns harsh chemicals and heat styling to keep twists in tip-top condition. One of the main principles of the method is to steer completely clear of sulphates in your haircare. The best shampoo bars for curly hair are free of sulphates such as sodium laurel sulphate (SLS). And all of our products, including our zero waste haircare, are 100% SLS free.

Just like bottled shampoo, plastic-free bars come with different ingredients to suit different hair types. We formulate our shampoo and conditioner bars to be just as effective as their bottled counterparts. In short, caring for the planet needn’t mean sacrificing your wonderful curls.

We recommend our Shea & Argan Shampoo Bar for curly hair. It’s packed with nourishing, natural ingredients, like shea butter and argan oil. As well as their beautiful aromas, these elements soak your hair in all-important, curl-boosting moisture.

What About Conditioner Bars?

We’ve established that shampoo bars work on those ringlets and waves, but are conditioner bars good for curly hair? The answer is very much yes!

Our conditioner bars make conditioning curls a doddle. ‘Squish to Condish’ is a favourite conditioning technique for those with curly hair. It involves squashing conditioner into your locks while they’re soaking wet, locking the moisture from the shower water into your hair cuticles. And it couldn’t be more easily done than with a bar. Rubbing your conditioner bar between damp hands will coat your palms and fingers in the softening ingredients, ready for the squishing to begin.

Our Shea & Argan Conditioner Bar continues the good work of its shampooing partner, letting you drench your curls in the moisture they need to look their very best. Overall, using both bars helps to give you smooth, defined curls that aren’t weighed down.

Like all our products, our plastic-free haircare bars are made with 100% natural origin aroma, and are Vegan Society Approved and cruelty-free.

See? Zero waste haircare, zero compromise for your curls.

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