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5 Reasons to Love Our Poncho

28, September 2023

5 Reasons to Love Our Poncho

The Faith In Nature X Rainkiss poncho was designed with rainy days in Nature in mind. Whether you’re strolling in a storm or dancing in the drizzle, this reliable raincoat will keep you dry. Plus, it’s super sustainable. And it promotes Nature’s rights. In fact, there are loads of reasons to love our poncho. Here they are…

  1. It’s Made from Recycled Bottles 

We collaborated with Rainkiss because they make their sustainable ponchos from 100% recycled polyester. And that fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. Each poncho contains at least 20 of them! Making fabric this way reduces water waste and means no toxic or petrochemical by-products end up in the ocean or landfill. What’s more, having a well-made, portable poncho ready to whip out whenever there’s a deluge means fewer pesky disposable ponchos on the planet. It’s a win-win, for you and the world.


  1. It Promotes Nature’s Rights

Wearing the Faith In Nature X Rainkiss poncho makes a powerful statement in favour of Nature’s rights. If you’re not already familiar with the Rights of Nature, it’s a worldwide movement to give precious non-human entities legal rights and protection – and was the inspiration for Nature on the Board. Our poncho’s print features placards emblazoned with the lyrics of our What Would Nature Say? song. Rights for the Rivers, Believe in the Bees, Power to the Flowers… show the world how much you care about Nature!


  1. It’s Seriously Waterproof

The number one Rainkiss ponchos come with thoughtful details like a peaked hood, taped seams and Velcro cuffs – all designed to keep rain at bay. The recycled polyester they’re made from has a water column of 7000mm, which means it withstood 70cm of water pressure in lab tests. Then there’s the unofficial test our team put the poncho through: wearing it at some very wet festivals in the north of England. Happily, we can confirm it passed with flying colours.


  1. It Looks Good – On Everyone

Speaking of colours, our poncho comes in a vibrant palette of green, blue and lilac. Whenever we wear ours, we get showered (oops, a pun) with compliments. Rainwear doesn’t get much more eye-catching than this. And because it’s cut in an inclusive, one-size-fits-all design (170cm width, laid flat), it fits most adults. Precision cut, the poncho is designed to be flattering and stylish – and to be chucked on over any outfit whenever rain arrives.


  1. It’s Packable and Portable

Aesthetics aside, the Faith In Nature X Rainkiss poncho is extremely practical. Yes, it’ll keep you dry in a downpour, but it’s also really easy to carry around. When you’re not wearing your poncho, it folds down into a neat little pouch, complete with a handy loop. Weighing just 250g, it’s lightweight, too. Whether you’re hanging it from your belt at a festival or attaching it to your backpack before heading off on an adventure, it’s so easy to take with you. And as long as you always have your poncho with you, you’ll always be ready for the rain.

The Faith In Nature x Rainkiss poncho is now available exclusively here on our website.