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5 Benefits of a Natural Soap Bar

1, September 2023

5 Benefits of a Natural Soap Bar

How do we love soap? Let us count the ways…  There are so many reasons to adore bar soap, especially natural bar soap. But this humble household hero is often overlooked – and underrated. So, in the spirit of Soaptember, here’s our ode (or should that be sonnet?) to the good old bar of soap.


Health professionals recommend washing your hands with soap and water because it is still known to be the most effective combination for the job. To understand how, let’s take a close look at the clever chemistry behind how soap works.

Soap is a ‘surfactant’, meaning its molecules have one end that is attracted to grease but is repelled by water (hydrophobic) and another end that loves water. When we wash our hands with soap, dirt sticks to the water-hating part of the molecules, so it is lifted away from our skin. Plus, the hydrophobic element of soap even breaks down some types of bacteria and viruses. When we rinse, the H2O-loving molecules stick to the water, washing the grease and germs away.


Solid soap became less popular in the eighties and nineties, thanks to a growing love for liquid hand and body wash. In recent years, though, soap bars have enjoyed something of a resurgence. Why? Two reasons: plastic and the planet.

Compared to bottled shower gel and hand wash, soap uses a lot less plastic. In fact, our natural bars of soap, packaged in cardboard, are 100% zero waste and plastic free.

But it’s not just packaging that makes solid soap kinder to the planet; it saves water because it is made with way less water than liquid soaps. This means it’s lighter and easier to transport than bottled products, reducing carbon emissions.

All in all, good news for the environment.

And if you want to take bar soap’s eco credentials even further, consider buying your favourite natural soap in bulk. Our boxes of 18 unwrapped soap bars save on packaging and shipping.


Bars of soap aren’t just easier and lighter to transport from factory to shop; they’re easier for you to carry too!

Pop your bar of soap into a good soap box and you can take it with you everywhere you go. Bar soap is lighter than liquid products are and less likely to leak all over your gym bag.

And there’s another benefit, when it comes to travelling: because bar soap is solid, it won’t count towards your liquid allowance if you’re flying. This means you can take your favourite bar (and aroma!) on holiday with you without stressing at security.

Looking to save space in your luggage? Help yourself to pack lighter for shorter trips by cutting a small slice from the end of your bar of soap, creating your very own, waste-free miniature.


Our soap is handmade with 100% natural origin ingredients. It’s free of things like parabens and SLS, which are known to cause irritation.

Everybody’s skin is different, so what might be a skincare saviour for one person could be quite the opposite for someone else. If your skin is prone to irritation, you should always test any new product on a small area. Generally, though, we receive wonderful feedback on our soaps from those with delicate skin.

Here’s an extract from a recent review of our Coconut Soap: “It never dries my skin out… just leaves my hands feeling soft and well moisturised.”

And for good measure, one from a recent review of our Grapefruit Soap: It smells amazing and my skin feels nicely moisturised. I‘ve had problems with dry skin, particularly on my hands, and this changed within a few days of use. I'm converted.”

If your skin is especially sensitive, you might want to skip the aroma and essential oils and give our popular Fragrance Free Soap a try.


Soap is a hardworking allrounder. As well as being a superstar when it comes to keeping your hands clean, you can of course use it to clean your body in the shower or bath. We’ve even heard customers say they use their faithful Faith In Nature bar of soap for shaving! And with aromas like Lavender and Wild Rose, most come with added aromatherapy.

Beyond the bathroom, soap has many uses, from loosening stuck zips to scenting your shoes. Read more on our blog about soap hacks. And to make your trusty bar last even longer, check out our list of soap saving tips