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Soap Savers: Get the Most Out of Your Soap

8, September 2022

Soap Savers: Get the Most Out of Your Soap

When your bar of soap has reached the end of its life and it starts to slip and slide right out of your hands, don’t give up on it just yet. Instead of tossing it into the bin, here are some ways you can save those slivers of soap and give them a new lease of life.

Soap saver bag

Save up those scraps and put them into a bag for safekeeping. Grab a cloth bag, save them up, and maybe even use them for hacks around the house until they have their time to shine and be repurposed.

Melt them down 

While we know you’re probably a fan of our hand washes, it’s always good to know that you can melt your scrappy soaps down to make your own! Collect them, grate them, and then add them to boiling water until it all melts down. Leave for 12-24 hours and give them a stir, before transferring them into your container of choice. How’s that for magic?

Stick them together

Why have lots of little bars when you can have one giant soap bar? It’s a question we ask ourselves at least once a week. Wet one side of your soap, stick your remnant soap to it, and then simply let it dry. Rinse and repeat until you have your super soap.

Your very own exfoliator

Pop your scraps into an exfoliating shower mitt, and you have your very own body scrub. Give it a rinse and lather up for a kind-to-skin and kind-to-planet experience. If you’re feeling fancy, there are some recipes that you can check out here too.

One for the road 

Pop your scraps into tiny bags, or wrap them in a beeswax wrap, and take them on your travels. Sometimes it isn’t feasible or necessary to take a big old soap with you, so save the small ones and take them on your next road trip.

Fresh as a load of laundry

You can pop soap scraps into a bag or a wrap and into your drawers to keep your clothes smelling as fresh as when they came out of the wash. Inhale a love scent every time you go to look for a pair of matching socks.