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Notes on Nature

Don’t just refill, FREEfill

26, November 2021

Don’t just refill, FREEfill

Starting a refill routine is a super easy way of cutting our plastic footprint. It’s also super fun and lo-fi. You know how it goes: Take your empties to your local refill station, fill them up, take them home and use them, repeat. Just like we’ve been doing since the 70s. Only now it goes a little bit different because — together with Embargo — we’re dragging refill into the 21st century. Still charming, still fun… but money saving too!
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Curly Girl Method

18, November 2021

Faith In The Curly Girl Method

Even with the power of nature on our side, we know hair care isn’t a one-stop-shop. Hair types can be tricky business, and curls are often misunderstood. We think you deserve a shampoo as naturally beautiful as you are.
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Let nature soothe your dry winter skin

12, November 2021

Let nature soothe your dry winter skin

Outside, the winter landscape may look sparse, but behind the scenes, nature knows what it’s doing. Look at the cherry tree, it actually needs the winter chill for its buds to burst open come spring. This really is the season for slowing down and preparing to bloom, and for us humans, that means moisturising!
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Vegan Beauty - What It Means And Why It Matters

8, November 2021

Vegan Beauty - What It Means And Why It Matters

We all know what a vegan diet looks like. But what about a vegan beauty brand? How are vegan cosmetics actually tested? And does vegan also mean cruelty-free? November is World Vegan Month, so we thought it was the perfect time to do some demystifying.
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