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Notes on Nature

Culture Forager, Vol. 9

17, July 2024

Culture Forager, Vol. 9

Welcome to Volume 9 of Culture Forager! We’ve been foraging away again to uncover the best Nature-related cultural happenings. Tuck into this fresh crop of things to see, read and do this summer.
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Good news for Nature's rights

16, July 2024

Court Rules Pollution Violates River’s Rights

In 2008, Ecuador became the first country in the world to recognise the rights of Nature in its national constitution. Last week, a judge ruled that pollution in the country’s Machángara River violates its legal right not to be polluted or degraded.
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Jojoba oil shampoo & conditioner

16, July 2024

The Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Hair

We heart jojoba oil. Pronounced ‘ho-ho-ba’, it was first discovered by the Indigenous American Tohono O’odham people centuries ago – and has even been attributed to helping save the whales! We use organic, zero-waste golden jojoba oil in our smoothing Jojoba Shampoo and Conditioner. Discover the benefits of jojoba oil for hair and scalp.
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Going to Bed with Wet Hair

10, July 2024

Going to Bed with Wet Hair

 5 reasons why you shouldn’t sleep with wet hair, and 5 alternative ways you can do it without causing too much damage if you can’t avoid it!
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