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Winter Self-Care Tips

23, January 2024

Winter Self-Care Tips

Is it February yet? Because January is reeeally dragging. A combination of cold weather and a lack of daylight can make everybody feel down at this time of year. But putting aside time for yourself, even just a few minutes every day, can make all the difference to your mood. Behold our winter self-care tips, designed to make the wait for spring a little more bearable…

Nature Journalling

A new year is the perfect time to begin a regular journalling habit, and Nature journalling in particular can bring loads of benefits. It involves keeping a record (written, illustrated, or both) of the natural environment. Going into Nature and pausing to notice the details can be a great exercise in mindfulness, as can the acts of drawing and writing about your findings. Read more and find out how to get started in our blog, Nature Journalling for Mindfulness.


Speaking of mindfulness, mindful meditation is an excellent way of practising self-care. Setting aside just a few minutes in a busy day to focus on the present moment can do wonders for your mood. It can give you a sense of tranquillity, and is an opportunity to take time totally devoted to yourself and your needs. Sound good? Apps like Headspace, Calm and Insight Timer are a good place to start, or you can find lots of guided meditation videos online. If you prefer to do things in real life, a group mindfulness or meditation session near you is a lovely way to meet new people and keep loneliness at bay.

Exercise, Your Way

Everybody knows that exercise is good for your mental and physical health, but finding the motivation to do it isn’t always easy. The trick is in finding a form of exercise that you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy working out at a gym, don’t try to force yourself; exercise should be fun, not punishing. Try swimming, cycling or yoga. Look for group classes in your area, or try at home using an online video, if you prefer. If Nature’s your thing, getting outside for some fresh air, much-needed daylight and a stroll can really boost your mood. Or up the pace gradually and try running with the Couch to 5k app. Or join one of The Conservation Volunteers’ Green Gym sessions, to make a difference to the natural world while you keep fit. See our blog Get Outdoors This January for some tips on enjoying the great outdoors, whatever the weather.

Declutter Your Space

Taking the time to declutter your space can be an act of self-care. Even if you do manage to get outside and enjoy Nature, chances are you’re spending more time than usual at home in January. Clearing out things you don’t need can be a cathartic experience, and makes for a calmer space. Sell unwanted clothes through apps like Vinted and DePop, or donate them to charity. Sell or give away other things you don’t need, like books, homeware and unused gadgets on eBay or local community sites. Not only will you be cutting down on clutter in your home, but your things will be reused by others, which is good for the planet. When you’re done, light a candle and relax in your new, more serene space.

A Bedtime Ritual

Transform your bedtime routine into a pampering ritual; not only could it help improve your sleep quality, but it’s the perfect excuse for a nightly moment of self-care. We’re talking herbal teas, indulgent baths and showers, the optimum environment for a good night’s sleep. And lots of lavender essential oil, because it’s known to promote feelings of calm. Ending every day with this level of comfort and relaxation is a wonderful way to give yourself the self-care you deserve. Read how to achieve bedtime bliss in our blog: Calming Bedtime Rituals to Help You Sleep. And remember, brighter days are just around the corner.