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What to Look for in a Natural Body Lotion

11, October 2023

What to Look for in a Natural Body Lotion

When it comes to skincare routines, body lotion is sometimes overlooked. Often, we choose our facial moisturiser very carefully, selecting separate products for day and night. But the skin on our body gets thirsty too – and moisturising it is the perfect excuse to build a little pampering into your daily routine. Here’s what to look for in a natural body lotion.

How to Use Body Lotion

It can be tempting to slather body lotion on to dry skin and keep topping it up throughout the day, but this isn’t the most effective way to moisturise your skin. The best time to apply body lotion is after a shower or bath, when you’ve towel-dried your skin but it is still warm and slightly damp. Massaging lotion into your skin at this point means optimum absorption, and locks in moisture, keeping your skin hydrated for longer.

Pop a dollop of lotion on to the palm of your hand and rub it all over your body in circular motions, starting from your feet and ankles and working upwards. Pay special attention to areas prone to dryness, such as your elbows, knees and neck – and remember to moisturise your hands after washing them.

Why Use a Natural Body Lotion

Natural body lotions offer a gentle but effective way of softening skin with ingredients from Nature. They don’t tend to include harsh chemicals which may irritate the skin or strip it of its natural oils and dry it out. Plus, if they’re anything like our Handy & Body Lotion, they smell good – meaning you get a dose of aromatherapy while you hydrate your skin. Our lotion is all made with 100% natural origin aroma, to help you feel more connected to Nature.

If you love the natural world, saving on plastic is probably high on your agenda too. Our 5-litre refill bottles are a way to bulk-buy body lotion, saving on plastic and ensuring you have a bumper supply of the lotion you love.

How to Spot a Natural Body Lotion

How to Spot a Natural Body Lotion

When you’re seeking out a natural body lotion, look for those made with natural oils and butters.

All our body lotion is formulated with an ethically-traded shea butter base. Shea butter (or Butyrospermum parkii) is made from the nuts of the African shea tree. Packed with fatty acids and Vitamin A, it’s an ultra-nourishing ingredient in skincare.

Avoid synthetic fragrances and look for essential oils and natural origin aroma. Our Hand & Body Lotion comes in three beautifully natural aromas:

  • Grapefruit & Orange for a bright and energising burst of citrus from grapefruit and organic sweet orange oils. Wonderful in the moning.
  • Lavender & Geranium for a dose of calm from two essential oils known for their relaxing benefits. Blissful after a warm bedtime bath.
  • Coconut made with organic coconut oil to soften skin. With a natural tropical reminder to make that summer feeling linger for longer.

Like all Faith In Nature products, our Hand & Body Lotion is manufactured in the UK, and is vegan and cruelty-free.