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What’s in a name? Everything, apparently.

21, September 2022

What’s in a name? Everything, apparently.

When you see a name over and over, it’s easy for it to lose its meaning. And we see the words ‘Faith In Nature’ hundreds of times a day. They’re stamped on our soaps, on our labels, in our emails, on our socials, on our walls, everywhere….!

But it’s a name we keep coming back to. Interrogating what those words really mean. Asking what they should mean. And wondering if they could mean more?

The answer is, of course they can. If we keep reminding ourselves that those three words aren’t just a meaningless noise, but three really important words that say it all.

‘Faith’ means ‘absolute trust and confidence’. And we’ve had absolute trust and confidence in active natural ingredients since day 1. We believe they’re better both in terms of efficacy and wellbeing — and that Nature really does know best.

We have absolute trust and confidence in operating a Nature positive business, that is focused on minimising its impact on the natural world.

We have absolute trust and confidence that by giving Nature a seat and a vote on our board we make better decisions that take the natural world into account, and better the way the world does business.

And we have absolute trust and confidence that when everyone can go natural, everything gets better.

But perhaps most importantly of all, by putting those words large in places where they are seen daily — in showers, bathrooms and kitchens — we can repeatedly broadcast that even in these most uncertain times, we can always put our faith in the one thing that unites us all: Nature.