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TreeSisters & Faith In Nature

23, January 2023

TreeSisters & Faith In Nature: The Story So Far

Every time you place an order with us, we plant a tree. Or the brilliant people at TreeSisters do. In just over a year, we’ve helped them plant an incredible 33,515 saplings. But where are all these trees? And who puts them in the ground? Here we share more about TreeSisters’ amazing work – and the real difference all those trees make.

Everybody knows the power of trees to cleanse the air, but their importance to the future of our planet cannot be understated. In tropical zones, trees increase rainfall, providing vital food and water. They are essential to biodiversity, home to endangered species, absorbers of the carbon which acidifies oceans. Trees are vital, but deforestation means they’re being felled at alarming rates. True hope for our planet lies in the restoration of forests.

Nature is at the heart of everything we do (it even has a seat on our board), so it makes perfect for us sense to contribute to this crucial restoration. It’s why we started working with Treesisters in late 2021.

But why TreeSisters in particular? They’re not the only organisation committed to planting trees, after all. We work with TreeSisters because they are unique. They contribute to a portfolio of reputable planting projects in 12 different locations worldwide. And TreeSisters pay particular attention to women’s empowerment; an average of 60 per cent of staff across the projects are women. Through their planting work, many of these women are able to get out of debt, send their children to school – even start their own micro-enterprises.


TreeSisters are champions of indigenous people, amplifying their voices through the projects they support. As well as protecting biodiversity and endangered species, Treesisters help local communities in Brazil, Borneo, Cameroon, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nepal and West Papau. Plus, they tackle the root cause of climate change by advocating for Nature’s Rights and educating people on the importance of reconnecting with Nature.

If you’d like to read more about the projects TreeSisters contribute to, and the people and places they help, you can do so here. This impressive work includes combatting water scarcity in Kenya, restoring endangered lemurs’ habitats in Madagascar, providing sustainable food and income for indigenous people in Brazil and reviving the parched Cauvery River Basin in India.

TreeSisters’ mission is to ‘work in harmony with trees and their communities for the planet to survive and thrive.’ That’s something we're certainly very happy to be on board with. We can’t wait to see how many trees we help to plant in 2023.