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The joy of Christmas Gift shopping at Oxfam

8, December 2022


We headed to our local Oxfam to discover everything great about buying presents from a charity shop.

Second-hand Treasures

Charity shops are best known for selling second-hand stuff – and there’s something really satisfying about finding a one-off that you know will be adored by its new owner. Part of the joy is in the digging, so take the time to see what you can unearth: books, records, knitwear and jewellery all make excellent preloved gifts. And of course, shopping preloved is sustainable and money-saving too.


Faith In Nature at Oxfam

 Upcycled Creations

Upcycling gifts is a perfect excuse to get creative and make totally unique gifts. We made a beeline for the bric-a-brac section in Oxfam to find things we could turn into soap dishes. There among the mugs and vintage postcards, we found a plain candle plate and a jewel-coloured glass jar – both perfect vessels for our handmade soap. We picked out some old spools of thread too, and used them to finish the candle plate. The thread will also come in handy for gift-wrapping and decoration-making! Enjoy using your imagination to upcycle charity shop junk into something really special. Again: sustainable, affordable and for a good cause.

Faith In Nature Gifts at Oxfam

Brand New and Ethical

Lots of charity shops now stock a range of brand new gifts and Oxfam’s focuses on ethical, sustainable and fair trade goods. You’ll find an abundance of vibrant textiles, recycled handicrafts, stationery, jewellery, edible goodies and yep, Faith In Nature products, in most of their stores. What’s more, their charity gift cards enable you to donate for the good cause of your choice, instead of buying gifts.

All-Round Goodness

There are so many brilliant reasons to try gift-shopping in charity shops. As well as supporting the work of forces for good, it’s better for the environment and can cost less than buying new. And because there’s so much to choose from, you’ll find gifts to suit everyone on your list. Why not try mixing in a few charity shop treasures into the gifts you give this year? Your friends might not notice the difference, but the charities – and the planet – will.

Faith In Nature Soap in Oxfam soap dish