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Faith in Nature eco-friendly refill bottles

28, June 2021

Start a refill ritual

In nature, renewal is all around us. We see it in the seasons, in the forests, in the water cycle, but what about in our homes? You’ll know by now that Faith in Nature is big on words beginning with ‘R’, like reducing and recycling, so this time we’re turning our attention to another - refilling.

Our refill products come in 5L and 20L sizes, and are designed to be decanted into your smaller bottles or containers as and when you need. Our 5L bottles hold the equivalent of 12 smaller ones and our whopping 20L bottles hold the equivalent of 50! If you’re a soap bar kind of person you can bulk buy our handmade soaps in boxes of 18 unwrapped bars.

Short on space? You can also nip out to one of our many refill locations and top-up your favourite Faith in Nature products while you do your weekly shop. 

Our top tips for getting started…

The best time to start is, well, now. If you’re switching to our refill bottles, buy them well before you run out. That way you won’t be tempted to reach for more plastic from the supermarket to tide you over.

Once you’ve finished the shampoo, conditioner or (insert product) you’re using, give your bottle a rinse to get it ready for refill. You can buy one of our pump dispensers to make the whole thing even easier.

If you’re planning to head out to a refill location, a good idea is to gather all your bits and bobs in a tote bag before you leave the house, so you can easily grab it and go when you rush out the door in the morning

Take it one step at a time. Good habits don’t happen overnight, and we know that overhauling your whole routine is daunting. Start small and build it up as you go.

Get your mates involved! Gift them some of your Faith in Nature, or share your bulk buys with a pal. Friends that refill together, stay together… or something like that.

Once you finish your big refill bottles, you can send them right back to us at: Faith In Nature, Higher Ainsworth Road, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 4AF