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Winter Skincare Tips

8, December 2022

Skincare for Winter

We love winter, but it can throw skin into disarray. Chilly temperatures outside, central heating inside, low humidity in both – it’s a recipe for sensitivity, irritation and dryness. Follow these tips to give your skin the extra kindness it needs this season.

Winter Vs Summer Skincare

You might think winter skincare and summer skincare are completely different from each other, but they actually share two very important golden rules: drinking plenty of water and wearing sunscreen.

Whatever your skin type, chances are it’ll be thirsty at this time of year. Drinking water hydrates your skin from the inside out. While you’ll probably drink lots throughout the day in the warm summer months without even thinking about it, it’s easy to forget to reach for your water bottle in winter. Caffeinated hot drinks like tea and coffee can leave you dehydrated, so it’s important to keep sipping good old H20 even when it’s cold outdoors.

When it comes to sunscreen, don’t be fooled by cloudy skies. Powerful UVB rays still do their thing even on the shortest, dullest days. Factor 30 isn’t something you should reserve for holidays to sunnier climes. Experts recommend using sunscreen on our faces all year round, to keep skin healthy and safe. So, slather on the SPF, whatever the weather. Thanks to advances in green chemistry, there are now plenty of natural or mineral sunscreens to choose from.

Although summer and winter skincare share these two key similarities, there are some changes you can make to help your skin through the winter months.

How to Change Your Skincare for Winter

In winter, pay special attention to the parts of body that will be exposed to those biting temperatures: namely your hands and face.

Hands can become chapped and dry quickly, so remember to wear gloves when you’re outside. And each time you wash your hands, massage in some cream or hand & body lotion. Ours come in a choice of beautiful natural origin aromas. Smoothe on Lavender & Geranium before bed for a calming treat, choose zesty Grapefruit & Orange for a much-needed boost on dark mornings, or if you can’t stop thinking about summer, go for tropical Coconut. Our large, 5-litre refill bottles should see you through the winter and beyond – and mean less landfill, too.

If the skin on your face is drier at this time of year than it is in summer, consider switching to a richer face moisturiser (not forgetting the SPF, of course).  Lips are especially vulnerable to the cold weather and can quickly become cracked and sore. Take a lip balm with you wherever you go and apply liberally to keep them moisturised and insulated.

Nothing beats a bath at the end of a cold day, but try to stick to warm rather than steaming; hot baths can strip away your body’s protective oils and leave skin dry. Add a good glug of your favourite body wash to your bath for a blast of your favourite scent. And if winter leaves your skin sensitive, reach for our extra-gentle Fragrance Free Body Wash.

And there you have it – a guide to keeping your skin soothed and comfortable, ready for winter walks in Nature and cosy nights inside.