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Shades of green

16, June 2021

Shades of green

How green is green? And what is green anyway?

Green used to mean caring, compassionate, loving. Today it’s still all those things, but it’s also scientific. It’s fast paced, critical and it’s real.

Every day more terms are added to the list of what a green company should be: Natural. Vegan. Sustainable. Ethical. Low impact. Net Zero. Circular. Regenerative…

And though defining every one of those terms is a leaping-bunny rabbit-hole in itself, we’re all for it. It’s necessary.

Our truth is that we’re born out of what green used to mean. Our reality is that we’re green by today’s standards too. Our challenge is ensuring we’re green by tomorrow’s. And our ambition is that we’re green by tomorrow’s standards, today.

What does any of this mean? Well, we’re working with the world’s leading sustainability analysts, strategists and scientists to tell you. Because right now we can’t tell you exactly how green we are — but we do really want to. So as soon as we have the complete picture, we’ll share it. All of it. We’ll share our learnings and air our laundry.

As a company that’s been trying its best for nearly 50 years — and that knows a thing or two about laundry liquid — we’re pretty sure most of what we’ll learn will be good. But what we’re really excited about is all the parts that aren’t so good. Those odd bits of not-quite-clean laundry. Because it’s those that will set our path towards tomorrow’s definition of green.

And that’s where we believe the fun is.

Because, above all, green doesn’t mean perfect. And it never will. To us, green is just a journey. It’s a less than perfect path through uncomfortable realities, like nettles. But if we keep walking it with optimism, and the belief that there’s always a way through, then green needn’t always be about the numbers. From company level to personal level, green can be about pure joy too.