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Autumn fields

1, October 2021

Seasonal self care: Autumn

Oh, hello purples, oranges and reds. We haven’t seen you blanketing our hills in a while. But thanks for the reminder that Autumn is well and truly here.

After the crackle in the air of summer, there’s something altogether more peaceful about Autumn. A crackle underfoot, instead. An invitation to gather up as much of the natural world as we can, while we still can. To drink it all in, before we turn inwards and spend more time looking at it through glass.

Of course, we know these darker months can be difficult for some people. Where some feel cosy, others feel isolated. Where some feel calmer, others feel anxious. There’s definitely a reason Mental Health Day is in October.

Despite its abundant beauty, Autumn asks that we take better care of ourselves. That we swap the quick shower for a longer bath. That we moisturise. Maybe curl up with a good book or fill our homes with flowers. That we sort out our sleep patterns. That we let the light in, eat more colour and work doubly hard to connect with those close to us.

When we reach the shortest of days, remember it will pass. The sun will return. But with the noise of the outside world turned down for while, we can use this time to listen more to ourselves, to our bodies and to what we each really need.

Tune in to Radio You.

We hope you enjoy getting reacquainted.