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World Refill Day hacks

16, June 2023

Plastic-Reducing Hacks for World Refill Day

We love refilling! And World Refill Day is the perfect chance to kick-start a refilling ritual. Every year, between 8 and 12 million tonnes of plastic leaks into our oceans, impacting wildlife, human health and the ocean’s precious ability to store carbon. Refilling massively reduces plastic waste: think small switches that make a huge positive impact on the planet. In the spirit of the day (and beyond), we asked our team to share their expert refilling hacks. 

Metal Water Bottles & The Refill App

“Metal water bottles keep water fresher and cooler for so much longer compared to plastic ones, even in really hot weather. I take mine with me everywhere. I also downloaded the Refill app, which shows you the nearest refill stations on a map – there are more of these places that will happily top up your water for you than you might think!”  - Emily, Copywriter

Download the Refill app on the App Store or Android.

Metal Water Bottles & The Refill App

Smaller Refills for Smaller Homes

“I love to reduce my plastic usage wherever possible.  However, as I live in a small apartment the 5 litre Faith In Nature refills can be too large for my space. The 2.5 litre and 1 litre bottles are perfect for me though – the 1 litre one even fits in my shower!” – Larysa, Customer Development Manager

Colour-Coded Bottles

“I decant my bathroom products into the aluminium Refill-A-Bottles and use different coloured hair bobbles to code what’s in each one. At the moment I’ve got pink for shampoo, purple for conditioner and blue for body wash! You could use pieces of ribbon or string for the same job.” – Imogen, Studio Manager

Head to Your Nearest Refill Store

“I like to visit my local refill store to stock up on things like pasta, beans and lentils. Sometimes my toddler comes with me and he loves it too. It’s a lot of fun but it can be easy to get carried away – I recommend making a meal plan before you set off to give you a clear idea of what you need. And don’t forget to take your own reusable tubs to fill.” – Jen, Digital Lead

Find your nearest refill store that stocks Faith In Nature here.

Refilling for Travelling

“I find having my refills at home really handy when it comes to travel. I can easily fill up my reusable mini bottles using a pump and take them without worrying about having to decant smaller products in a messy way. It means I don’t have to buy wasteful and expensive miniatures when I’m away.” – Jasmine, Marketing Lead

Join the Refill Revolution

Three quarters of people around the world want single-use plastics banned. World Refill Day is about working towards a culture where refilling and reusing is the norm. It is run by City to Sea, whose vision is ‘a world where everyone connects their actions to our oceans, so all life can thrive’. This World Refill Day, consider making small changes to your daily routine that, over time, could make a huge difference to Nature – and help make single-use plastics a thing of the past.


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