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Plastic-Free Holiday Essentials

9, August 2023

Plastic-Free Holiday Essentials

So: you’re reusing, refilling and doing everything you can to reduce your plastic consumption in day-to-day life. And you’re feeling pretty proud of yourself (rightly so!). Then along comes holiday season – and all your efforts fly out of the window. Because holidays, especially beach holidays (the UK’s favourite type of getaway) involve a lot of plastic. And according to the WWF, ironically and sadly, much of it ends up in the sea we’re there to enjoy. But with a little careful planning, you can drastically reduce the amount of plastic waste your holiday creates. Here’s how…

Pack a Tote

We’ve said it before and we’ll (probably) say it again: don’t forget your tote bag! This rule applies for holidays, as well as less exotic trips to your local shop. Some countries charge for plastic bags, and others have banned them completely – but they’re still the norm in many parts of the world. Fabric tote bags are easy to fold and slip into your luggage without taking up too much space. Whether you’re shopping for food or souvenirs, pop everything in a reusable tote to reduce unnecessary single-use plastics.

Solid Shampoo & Showers

Take every step of your shower without a single scrap of plastic when you switch to zero waste body and haircare. We’ve bundled together our bestselling bars to create handy kits made for taking on holiday. Not only are they completely free of plastic, they’re solid, meaning you can pack them in your hand luggage if you’re flying. Each zero waste bundle contains a soap bar, shampoo bar and conditioner bar. They’re available in Lavender & Geranium, Dragon Fruit and Coconut. Which one’s your favourite?

Take Your Bottle

Sadly, plastic water bottles are still the norm in many holiday destinations. It’s a complicated issue, because in some places, clean, safe water can’t be guaranteed. Find out in advance whether the tap water in your destination is drinkable. If it is, take a refillable bottle with you. Choose an insulated metal bottle if you can; it will keep your water cooler for many times longer than a planet-unfriendly plastic one. And wherever you’re travelling, if it’s by plane, it’s worth taking your own bottle. Most UK airports have refill stations where you can top up for free, so you’ll stay hydrated and save yourself from buying plastic bottles in the terminal or on the plane.

Inflatables for Keeps

What could be more relaxing than floating aboard a lilo in a cool pool? Inflatables are fun, but they’re made of a lot of plastic – and sadly loads of them get left behind. According to research conducted in 2019, UK holidaymakers left around 3 million lilos behind on holiday the previous year. Inflatables can be heavy and take up a lot of space in luggage, which is probably why people dump them. Ask if your accommodation has any abandoned inflatables for hire from previous guests. And if you really can’t resist the allure of that new flamingo ring, ask if you can leave it behind to be hired by future guests, or offer it to someone else and encourage them to pass it on to others when they leave.

Sustainable Swimwear

Holidays are a peak time for fast fashion. But many beach must-haves: sunglasses, swimwear and flip-flops, are made of plastic. And a lot of flip-flops end up in the sea, or even eaten by wildlife. Many companies have responded to this dilemma by creating sustainable holiday accessories. Swimsuits made from recycled fishing nets, natural rubber (or even algae!) flip-flops and wheat straw sunglasses are just some of the eco-friendly options we discovered online. Splashing out on new clothes for a holiday can be tempting, but how often do you actually get to wear flip-flops and bikinis in the UK? Instead, choose sustainable pieces you can wear holiday after holiday…