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Sustainable Black Friday

21, November 2022

Nature Says: Turn Black Friday Green

Unbeatable offers, huge discounts, limited availability: the frenzy of Black Friday is intense. And unless you live deep in the woods and have no access to the internet, it can be pretty much impossible to avoid. All those bargains might be tempting, but such a massive spike in consumerism is bound to have an impact on the planet. So, what would Nature say about Black Friday?

Aside from increased carbon emissions from deliveries and excess packaging, there’s another way that Black Friday damages our environment: waste. When you’re being bombarded with offers and hype, it can be hard not to pause and consider what you really need. That can mean buying surplus stuff, simply because we think we’re getting a good deal. In fact, regretting purchases made on Black Friday is a common experience. And unnecessary, unwanted purchases lead to waste.

Black Friday has us believing that we must buy something now because it will never be as cheap again. The truth is that many Black Friday ‘bargains’ are available at other times of year, too. This year, try stepping away from the marketing madness and taking a deep breath (imagine you live in those woods, with fresh air and no Wi-Fi). Ask yourself whether you actually need a new TV or vacuum cleaner, or if you really want to gift someone those fish-shaped slippers or novelty burrito blanket.

Whether you’re buying gifts or stocking up on essentials for yourself, natural origin body and haircare products won’t go to waste. People will always have use for amazing-smelling soaps and shampoos, every single day. And if you want to move towards zero waste, our plastic-free haircare, cardboard-boxed or unwrapped soaps, bulk buy refills and aluminium bottles are just the ticket. 

Nature says: “Turn Black Friday green”. So yes, we’re discounting some of our products this Black Friday, but we’re also giving Nature a very special offer of its own. For every order placed between 24th and 28th November, in partnership with our friends Tree Sisters, we’ll plant not one but two trees. That’s more greenery, more fresh air and less mindless consumption and waste.