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Nature Says: Plant Bulbs for Your Future Self

9, November 2022

Nature Says: Plant Bulbs for Your Future Self

Nothing beats the reward of doing your future self a favour. Changing your bedding before you go on holiday, putting something tasty in the slow cooker in the morning – you’ll always be grateful for the small things you did for yourself in advance. And now that winter’s on the way, Nature has the perfect present for future you: spring bulbs.

Mighty, magical bulbs are the heroes of spring, popping up and surprising you months after you tucked them underground. Over winter, they transform from something that looks like a humble onion into magnificent flowers. Nature truly is amazing, right?

In the UK, most bulbs should be planted in September and October, but it’s not too late to secure yourself some bright spring blooms now. Tulips, iris and bluebells are all happy to be put in the ground in November. Other bulbs may still make it if they’re planted at this time of year, too; just bear in mind they may flower a bit later than usual. Check gardening websites for what to plant when, and how deep to plant it.

Not lucky enough to have your own garden? You don’t need to miss out on the wonder of bulbs. Plant them in pots on a patio, terrace or balcony, or lined up in window boxes. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to an outdoor space – just grow bulbs inside. Grape hyacinth and miniature daffodils thrive in pots indoors. And for a vivid display that smells as good as it looks, plant hyacinth bulbs in your home.  

As well as investing in your future happiness, gardening can help you in the here and now. The benefits of gardening for mental and physical health are many. Whether you’re digging deep in the dirt outdoors or potting plants at your kitchen table, Nature is good for you.

From dainty snowdrops in February to towering alliums in May, there are so many stunning flowers that start out life as bulbs. Take a moment to plant some now and look forward to being greeted by a kaleidoscope of cheerful colour come spring.

Nature says: ‘Plant spring bulbs now!’

Your future self will say: ‘Thank you.’