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Faith In Nature Eco Friendly Gifts

22, October 2021

Nature Is a Gift

At this time of year, when everything starts feeling festive, and thoughts turn to outdoing last year’s pile of gifts, it’s easy to forget what really brings us joy. This is your reminder that all that ‘stuff’ doesn’t really matter. But what does is the natural world.

Spend time in it. Experience it. Share it with the people you love.

Nature is a gift we have all year round. It’s completely free, it’s on your doorstep, and it’s one less thing to wrap.

That isn’t to say giving and getting presents isn’t a lovely lovely thing. It is. But sometimes the best intentions aren’t always best for the planet. And for the eco-conscious bunch we suspect you are, that pile of (probably un-recyclable) packaging, and those unwanted extras destined to collect dust, are probably things you can do without.

The most sustainable gift is nature. Our products are the next best thing. 

We know you love to share your favourite Faith In Nature finds with everyone you can. That’s why our gift sets look pretty, but don’t come with any extras. As always, our packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable - so you can spend less time sorting rubbish, and more time making merry. 

Ready to share your love of nature? Shop our eco-friendly gift sets here.