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Let's hear it for hemp

19, October 2022

Let's hear it for hemp

Hemp oil products are having a moment right now, and quite right too. Hemp oil is packed with good stuff and can be used in a whole lot of different ways.

Where does it come from?

While there has been a boom in interest across the globe, some people are still unsure about what hemp seed oil is and where it comes from, so let's break it down. To start with, hemp seed oil, CBD and marijuana are three very different things, here's how they're made.

Hemp oil comes from Cannabis Sativa. The oil is extracted from the seeds by cold-pressing them to create the oil.

CBD oil is derived from the whole hemp plant, meaning that it comes from the leaves, stalks and flowers of both cannabis and hemp plants.

Marijuana comes from another plant within the same species. And while it's true they're related, their chemical makeup is different – hemp seeds contain very little cannabinoids, meaning that you won't get high from using hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil has plenty of fatty acids, including omega-3, omega-6, and linoleic acid, that can work wonders on your hair and your skin.

Hemp seed oil for hair

Moisture, strength, and stimulated hair growth — is there anything hemp can’t do?! Seemingly not…

Hemp seed oil helps with all three of these things, thanks to its linoleic acid, which is the major fatty acid in the oil. Linoleic acid is credited with repairing hair damage and offering a healthy dose of hydration for a shinier and glossier appearance.

This means that hemp oil products can both nourish your hair and leave it looking a whole lot healthier in the process.

Hemp seed oil for skin

Hemp oil is super moisturising and kind to skin. It moderates the amount of oil your skin produces and performs a sort of balancing act, keeping your skin hydrated but not oily nor clogging up your pores in the process.

During a 2014 review, hemp oil was found to be helpful to those suffering from things like psoriasis and eczema. Using the oil was also found to strengthen the skin, making it able to better resist bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

Hemp Oil at Faith In Nature

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