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5, October 2021

Lesser Known, But A Lot To Love

When it comes to body care, it’s easy for the best-known botanicals to steal the limelight, but often it’s the quiet ones that can hold the most surprises. Here we hand the mic over to three of our lesser-known ingredients - hemp, meadowfoam and jojoba - and give you the inside scoop on why these natural wonders deserve some love. 

Ok, so, chances are you’ve heard of hemp. It’s been around the block a few times (for thousands of years), but are you clued-up on why it’s so good for our skin and hair? Hemp was one of the earliest crops to be cultivated, ever. Its uses are endless; from pottery to paper, fabric to food - you name it, hemp’s probably done it. The reason we love it? It’s as nourishing for us as it is for the environment. 

Hemp seed oil - not to be confused with its cousins CBD, or psychoactive marijuana - is cold-pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant. Its omega 3 and 6 content gives it major moisturising credentials, while antioxidant Vitamin E is known to boost hair elasticity and shine. Hemp seed oil also helps soothe inflammation and irritation, and can bring back balance to oily skin. As for its nature-nurturing side, this CO2-busting super plant actively cleans the air we breathe and strengthens the soil it grows in. We get it, hemp, you’re amazing. Ready to give hemp a go? Get your lather on with our paraben and sulphate free Hemp Soap

Meadowfoam - or Limnanthes Alba if you’re feeling fancy - is a North American wildflower that gets its name from the seafoam-like look of its white blossoms. More than just a pretty flower, we use meadowfoam seed oil for its natural emollient abilities, meaning it smoothes and protects the skin and hair by locking in moisture. Long chain fatty acids are in tow to fight frizz and detangle your locks, leaving them next-level smooth. A marriage made in hair heaven, try our Hemp & Meadowfoam Shampoo and Conditioner for extra silky strands. 

That brings us to jojoba (we pronounce it ‘ho-ho-buh’), a seed oil taken from a desert shrub. Despite its arid origins, jojoba is incredibly moisture rich. And because it so closely mimics our skin’s own sebum, it’s really effective at restoring our natural oil barrier. Naturally high in vitamins C, B and E, and minerals like copper, chromium and zinc, this wonder oil is a nutritional buffet for your skin, hair and scalp. Reinvigorate dry, damaged hair, and keep dandruff at bay with our vegan, cruelty-free Jojoba Shampoo and Conditioner.