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Faith In Nature - Brand New Product Range

17, June 2024

Introducing: The First Products in the World Voted On by Nature

This year marks a big birthday for us: we’re 50 years old! And we’re celebrating with an evolution: of our products and our packaging – inspired (of course!) by Nature. Because since we made Nature a voting member of our board in 2022, we’ve been listening. And Nature needs us, like everyone, to adapt and improve...

When Rivka founded the company in 1974, she had a mission: to make it easier for everyone to make better choices for themselves and the planet, every day.

The First Products in the World Voted On by Nature

Our products have always been vegan, cruelty-free and as natural as possible. And 50 years on, our liquid shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, body wash and hand wash just got even more natural – up from 99% natural origin to 99.5% (that’s huge!).

Now, every bottle of these products contains an expertly formulated base blend of three organic active natural ingredients, chosen for their known benefits to skin and hair. In haircare, there’s organic rosemary, nettle and chamomile, to help promote healthy hair and scalp. And in hand wash and body wash: organic oat, limeflower and elderberry, for healthy skin.

As Rivka says, “We’re adding more active natural ingredients to our products because we’re as uncompromising on efficacy as we are on sustainability.”

Speaking of sustainability, we’ve carefully sourced ingredients that don’t only work beautifully, but give something back. Like our tea tree oil, which comes from a New South Wales farm that’s helping to restore koala habitats after the bushfires and floods of 2019. And our shea butter, which helps women’s cooperatives in Ghana. There’s our Scottish egg wrack seaweed, hand-harvested by teams trained in the Marine Wildlife Conduct Code. And our grapefruit and organic orange oils, upcycled from the juice industry.

But this isn’t just about what goes into our bottles, it’s about the bottles themselves. We’ve always worked hard to make our packaging as planet-friendly as we can. In the 80s, we pioneered plastic-saving refills and penny-saving bulk (people still love refilling our products, either at home or in their local refill store, today). In 1999, we led the switch to recycled plastic – all our 400ml bottles have been made of 100% recycled plastic since. And although recycled plastic is good, infinitely recyclable aluminium is (obviously!) better. So, we’re going all out to get all out of plastic – starting with our new 500ml range, in 100% recycled and infinitely recyclable aluminium. These metal bottles look every bit as good as their eco credentials – and crucially, as well as being refillable, can be recycled forever.

Faith In Nature metal range

“Turning 50 is not about looking back, but looking forward,” says Rivka. “It’s about planting the seeds that will grow our faith in the next 50 years.”

These new formulations and metal bottles are the first products in the world to be endorsed and voted on by Nature. They’re the first physical fruition of Nature’s role as a voting director of our company. By appointing Nature to our board, we’ve been able to listen carefully to the needs of the natural world. In response, we’re adapting, improving – and making it even easier for everyone to make better choices for themselves and the planet, every day.

The new liquid shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, hand wash and body wash and the 500ml aluminium range are available now. We hope you love them as much as we do.

The new Faith In Nature collection