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Our carefully selected 99.5% natural origin ingredients

20, June 2024

Ingredients that Give Back

By appointing Nature as a voting member of our board, we’ve been able to listen to and understand the needs of the natural world. With that in mind, we’ve carefully sourced ingredients for our new 99.5% natural origin range that don’t only work beautifully, but give something back.

Building Koala Corridors

The Australian tea tree oil in our Tea Tree Hand Wash is sourced from a farm that’s helping rebuild koala habitat after the devastating bushfires and flooding of 2019. Located in the lower Richmond River Catchment, neat Byron Bay in New South Wales, the farm has resources dedicated to restoring a natural koala reserve to help the local population grow and thrive. They’re establishing over 12,000 new plants and helping to restore degraded remnant vegetation across an area of ten hectares, including 1.5km of strategic ‘koala corridors’ and 1.25km of riparian vegetation. These measures are designed to reduce koala group fragmentation and assist in breeding and biodiversity.

Helping Communities and Co-ops

Both the organic refined shea butter and organic argan oil in our Shea & Argan haircare range support women’s cooperatives in Africa – shea butter in Ghana and argan oil in Morocco. And our organic aloe vera is ethically traded from Mexico.

From Juice to Shampoo (and More!)

We’ve heard fans of our zingy Grapefruit & Orange range say that it smells good enough to drink. While it’s definitely not drinkable, this range does use ingredients upcycled from the making of fruit juice. Both the grapefruit and organic sweet orange oils we put into these products are extracted from the otherwise unwanted peel of fruits from the juice industry. Instead of that peel going to waste, it is turned into essential oils that smell amazing – and are packed with benefits for skin and scalp.

Zero Waste Wonders

Just as the process of making fruit juice can create waste, so too can the process of obtaining certain oils. For example, the vitamin-packed organic rosehip oil in our Wild Rose range is extracted from the seeds found inside rosehips (the tiny fruits of the wild briar). But rather than the flesh of the rosehips being thrown away after the seeds are removed, it’s rescued and used in agriculture. Our dragon fruit seed oil, organic golden jojoba seed oil and organic argan oil are all zero waste, too.

Gathered from the Wild

In the seventies, Rivka hand-gathered seaweed from Scottish beaches to make her popular Organic Seaweed Shampoo. Today, the egg wrack seaweed that goes into our Seaweed & Citrus range is wild-harvested from the Scottish coast. The harvesting teams are trained in the Marine Wildlife Conduct Code, and follow strict processes that minimise impact on the surrounding ecosystem and allow for abundant regrowth. ‘Wild-harvesting’ refers to ingredients that are gathered from a native ecosystem, rather than those that are mass-produced or farmed. Our organic rosehip oil, organic refined shea butter and organic argan oil are also wild-harvested.