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Good Hair Days Begin with a Good Vegan Shampoo

26, October 2022

Good Hair Days Begin with a Good Vegan Shampoo

To mark World Vegan Month, we’re sharing the joy of washing your hair with vegan shampoo. Because good hair days shouldn’t be just about looking and feeling good, but doing good as well.

When it comes to veganism, most people think about what you can and can’t eat, but the vegan lifestyle extends way beyond your kitchen cupboards. In fact, many non-vegan products can find their way into your bathroom cabinet, especially via hair products. Sneaky.

You might be wondering what could possibly make shampoo or conditioner non-vegan. The answer can usually be found on the ingredients list. Many of the technical terms on cosmetics labels refer to substances that are derived from animals or their by-products. We’ll spare you the gory details here, but some of them are pretty shocking.

Although plant-based alternatives are becoming increasingly available, some common haircare ingredients such as keratin, stearic acid and cetyl alcohol can be very much non-vegan.

The good news is that Faith In Nature haircare is always 100% vegan (and cruelty-free!) and has been since we began making it way back in 1974. All our products are Vegan Society Approved, giving you total reassurance that they’re completely free of animal-derived ingredients.

Vegan Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Masks

The best hair days begin with a good, sudsy shampoo. And we choose naturally effective ingredients that smell amazing for ours. So, apart from our Fragrance Free Shampoo (which is great for sensitive scalps and babies, by the way), you can look forward to enjoying the gorgeous aromas of essential oils while you’re lathering up. Think calming Lavender & Geranium, invigorating Grapefruit & Orange and uplifting Blue Cedar. These special scents have the power to transform boring old hair-washing from a dull chore into a pampering ritual to be relished.

As well as smelling divine, our vegan shampoos are packed with benefits to suit your hair type, whether it’s oily (hello, Seaweed & Citrus) or very dry (step up, Shea & Argan).

No hair wash is complete without a good conditioning treatment. Follow up the lather with one of our moisturising and detangling vegan conditioners.

When your hair needs an extra dose of TLC, slather on a dollop of one of our nourishing vegan hair masks and comb through. While the goodness sinks in, water your bathroom plants, sing a song or simply sit back and enjoy the scent.

Want washing your hair to have even less of an impact on Nature? Keep reading.

Vegan Shampoo Bars & Vegan Conditioner Bars

One of the reasons why many people choose to go vegan is to reduce their impact on the planet. And you can’t care about the planet and not consider plastic. We’re proud of our large refill bottles, and the fact that our standard 400ml bottles have been made of 100% recycled plastic since 1999 (last century!) But if you really want to make a dent in your plastic use, consider switching to our zero waste vegan shampoo bars and conditioner bars.

Formulated to be just as effective as our bottled hair products, these brilliant bars cleanse and moisturise your hair with no plastic involved. They even come packaged in completely compostable cardboard boxes. Read our recent blog post to find out more about our plastic use and what we’re doing about it.

That’s it: the perfect vegan hair-wash, with minimal impact on Nature.