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Festival Season Essentials

4, July 2023

Festival Season Essentials

Festival season has landed and we’re very excited about it. We’re heading to Bluedot and Kendal Calling – and we’ve been discussing the very serious topic of festival must-haves. Aside from the obvious (and let’s face it: boring) stuff like a tent, sensible footwear and a sleeping bag, what should you be packing in your rucksack this summer?

Vintage & Second-hand Clothes

We love a Vinted, Depop, eBay or charity shop spree – and there’s no greater excuse to go on one than an impending party in a field. At festivals, anything goes: the brighter and sparklier, the better. Forget fast fashion and do your bit for the planet by buying second-hand. Avoiding brand new also means you’re likely to unearth some totally unique treasures. That preloved playsuit dripping in sequins? Go for it. The 80s shirt with a print louder than the speakers in the dance tent? Absolutely. This is your chance to throw on the most magnificent garments you can possibly find, so make the most of it.

Bum Bags

Speaking of vintage, we’re big fans of bum bags for festivals. As well as giving your outfit a retro edge, this 90s fashion banger is extremely practical. Hear us out: if you want to keep your hands free to eat loaded nachos, hug your friends, wave in the air, bum bags have got you. And there are styles to suit every outfit, from sporty to glittery. Hunt down a second-hand model and stuff it full of everything you need to hand: tissues, lip balm, a bike light to help you find your way back to the tent when your phone battery’s low (there’s another top packing tip for you).

Water Bottle & Holder

Once upon a time, as morning broke at festival sites, the ground would be covered in a sea of trampled plastic cups and bottles. Those days are pretty much over, thanks to event organisers introducing more sustainable initiatives like reusable cups. You won’t find bottled water for sale at most festivals anymore, with canned mineral water being the new default. But all festivals have to offer standpipes or other points where you can top up your water for free – so remember to pack your favourite reusable drinking bottle. To carry it with ease, take a water bottle carrier; just like bum bags, they’re convenient and come in lots of different styles.

Eco-friendly Glitter

If you’re not still finding random specks of glitter for weeks after the festival, did you even really go? Whether you prefer a subtle sweep around your eyes or the head-to-toe disco ball look, glitter is a festival staple. Recently, people have become more aware of how harmful the sparkly stuff is to Nature, and this year, non-biodegradable glitter was banned from Glastonbury. Happily, planet-friendlier options are readily available; look for products made from plant-derived cellulose, as these are completely biodegradable.

Stuff that Smells Good

We make soap, so we were never going to get to the end of this list without mentioning toiletries. Of course, some people don’t mind fully embracing the festival funk and going without a wash until Monday. Others (like us) prefer a freshen-up. Keeping clean at a festival isn’t always easy, unless you’re lucky enough to have shower access. But improvising with flannels and bottles of water can become part of the camping fun. Our empty refill bottles make great vessels for water, or for warmth and luxury, you could splash out (pun unintended!) on a camping shower. Keep things convenient, cruelty-free and naturally-derived with our Zero-Waste Haircare Bars, Plastic-Free Soap and Body Wash travel minis. Do you refill at home? Don’t forget to decant your favourite shampoo or conditioner into our aluminium Refill-A-Bottle.