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Feedback is fuel

23, June 2021

Feedback is fuel

47 years is a long time to keep going. Especially when, for so much of that time, natural has meant niche. Or nuts, even.

But while we may have been small, we’ve always felt loved. And that’s largely down to you. In Rivka’s office is a box full of letters she’s received from customers over the years. She’s filed and kept every one of them — because it’s those words that have kept all of us going.

“I nearly kissed the postman,” wrote one fan upon receiving our products, in 1988. And we have stacks of letters from equally passionate people telling us what a difference our products have made to their hair, their skin, and how they feel about themselves.

Feedback like that is everything. And decades of it means we get to see how the conversation changes over the years. We get to see what really matters to people. When we first started, a select few wanted to talk about the natural world — but most wanted to talk about our product. About how gentle it was, its fragrance or how it had cleared a skin complaint.

Today, what we see so clearly is that what matters is the world we live in — and what we’re doing to protect it.

And for that, we’re so grateful. Grateful to every person who wrote over the years — who inspired us to keep going long enough — so that we too could be witness to this incredible change in the world.

Whether you want to praise us, question us or criticise us, please keep writing. We’ve tried to address many of your sustainability questions here but for all that’s not covered, please write to us at support@faithinnature.zendesk.com Or, if you love a written letter as much as we do, you can still write to us at Feedback, Faith In Nature, Higher Ainsworth Road, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 4AF. (Yes, we are old romantics — and hand written letters are a beautiful thing).

In today’s world, it’s so easy to use feedback as a weapon. But, take if from us, choosing to use it instead to support positive change makes the world of difference.  So if there’s somebody else out there doing what you believe is something wonderful, please tell them. They too might file every glowing word they receive — and it might be just what’s needed to keep them going for the next 47 years.