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Don’t just refill, FREEfill

26, November 2021

Don’t just refill, FREEfill

Starting a refill routine is a super easy way of cutting our plastic footprint. It’s also super fun and lo-fi.

You know how it goes: Take your empties to your local refill station, fill them up, take them home and use them, repeat. Just like we’ve been doing since the 70s.

Only now it goes a little bit different because — together with Embargo — we’re dragging refill into the 21st century. Still charming, still fun… but money saving too.

Why? Because the more people we can encourage to keep coming back to refill time and time again, the more plastic we reuse, and the less plastic waste we create.

How? By partnering with the wonderful Embargo loyalty app. It’s a bit like those coffee shop loyalty cards that fill your pockets and purses that you then forget about, only way less annoying.

Just download on iOs or Android, refill and tap. Every 6th refill is free. You could even call it a Freefill!

Our partnership with Embargo is currently live in the following stores, but with your support we hope to be adding more to this list very soon...

Refill Van, Kettering
The Hive Hut, Wantage
Lentils & Lather, Manchester
New LeafZero Waste, Reigate
Little Barn Health & Gift Shop, Basingstoke
WHB Sutherlands, Orkney
Healthy Foods For You, Suffolk
Best Health Food Shop, Tunbridge Wells St John’s
Best Health Food Shop, Tunbridge Wells High Street
Best Health Food Shop, Uckfield,
Best Health Food Shop, Broadwater
Best Health Food Shop, Shoreham-by-Sea
Heart & Compass, Dorset

Refill, refill, refill, refill, refill, FREEFILL.
With Faith In Nature and Embargo.