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Natural Christmas Decorations

6, December 2022

Deck the Halls with Nature

Endless miles of tinsel and glitter baubles are full of fun, but they're also full of plastic. If you’re looking for a more natural winter aesthetic that’s easier on the planet, you might like to try these sustainable ideas instead.

Dried Orange Garlands

Decorations that smell as good as they look. Thinly slice oranges and dry in the oven (search online for tips on how to do this safely). The fruit will turn solid, but keep its translucent, jewel-like looks. Thread into garlands or hang in a window to let the light shine through.

Pomander Balls

Another way to decorate your home and scent it at the same time (we’re big fans of things that smell lovely, after all!). Pomander balls are traditional decorations made by studding oranges with cloves. Hang these near a doorway so guests are greeted by the spicy scent.

Teasles & Seedheads

Flowers might not be blooming in abundance like they do in summer right now, but there’s still plenty of beauty to be found in Nature. Honesty seed pods and teasels are two examples of winter’s most stunning wonders. Display in a repurposed glass jar for an arrangement that subtly celebrates the season.

Mini Rosemary Wreaths

Rosemary is an evergreen herb, meaning it keeps on growing right through the winter. Bring the unmistakable, uplifting aroma inside by cutting a few sprigs and twisting them into sweet, miniature wreaths. Alternatively, try adding a few stems to your minimalist posy (above).

Paper Chains

Raid your paper bin for unwanted bits, cut it into strips and loop into good old-fashioned paper chains. This activity is easy for children to get involved in – and the decorations, which originated in the 19th century, will give your home a vintage feel.  

 Origami Snowflakes & Stars

 Feeling adventurous? Go beyond plain chains and cut lacy snowflake patterns out of paper. These can be strung up in rows for a pretty, wintry display. Or go one step further and have a go at calming origami; start by looking up a pattern for stars.

 Pine Cones

An excuse to get out and explore Nature? We’re always in! Collect pine cones and string them into garlands, pile them in baskets, or simply display in clusters on the mantelpiece. When the lush pinewood scent fades, add a few drops of essential oil.

 Branch Hangers

While you’re in the woods, make like a dog and hunt for your favourite stick (or gnarly old branch). Bring it home and hang those pine cones, dried orange slices or paper snowflakes from it. Use string or twine for a simple, rustic look.

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