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Faith In Nature Crowdfunding Closes on a High

4, August 2023

Crowdfunding Closes on a High

That’s a wrap! Our first ever crowdfunding campaign is officially closed – and we’re delighted to report that it was a huge success.

Our target was £550,000, and we exceeded it within 24 hours of opening. We ended on a real high, raising £761,452 from 873 investors – that’s 138% of our original target! It’s not an easy time financially, so it’s an amazing result.

We’ve raised all we set out to raise and so much more.

We’ve had great conversations with so many of you.

We’ve been interrogated, and we’ve explained why this is so important to us at this stage of our growth, in the world as it is today.

It’s been a wild ride, and we’ve loved it.

Now we look forward to putting all our plans into action, to the next stage, and to keeping doing what we do — but with the financial support to move quicker, and more decisively than we could before.

We’ll be moving to a bigger, greener and more efficient factory, making more people aware of what we do, and developing new, more sustainable products and packaging.

Since Rivka started Faith In Nature in 1974, her mission has always been to make it easier for more people to make better decisions, every day. In a changing world in which more people than ever care about the future of our planet, that original mission is more relevant – and important – than ever.

All our decisions as a business will continue to be made with the natural world as a key stakeholder in our company, thanks to Nature On the Board.

If you’re one of our 873 new co-owners, thank you. We can’t wait to share the next part of our journey with you.